Report: Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants block, beat up and hold disabled Marine at gunpoint in Portland

PORTLAND, OR — In a startling case of victim shaming, a disabled veteran who was allegedly beaten by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) militants was then questioned by a Portland police officer who suggested he agitated his assailants.

Journalist Victoria Taft wrote about 53-year-old Joe Hall, a former Marine and handyman taken to a Portland hospital trauma unit after he was beaten and held at gunpoint by several Antifa and BLM thugs on a busy city street last week.

The first question a Portland police officer allegedly asked the beaten victim was, “What did you do to agitate the crowd?”

Hall’s injuries included broken ribs, four fractured vertebrae, a dislocated shoulder, a partially collapsed lung and a broken eye socket from when he was kicked in the face while he was down, according to Taft.

Hall encountered his assailants, who were wielding guns, while attempting to drive his vehicle on a public street that was turned into an Antifa and BLM “no-go zone.”

Armed Antifa and BLM “security” boxed in his vehicle and surrounded him to prevent him from travelling on North Alberta near Michigan Avenue.

According to Taft, Hall’s “offense” was that he flipped off a moped driver who had cut him off in traffic on a public street. The next thing he knew, Hall was surrounded and also blocked by drivers who were helping to maintain the no-go zone.

The Portland Police Bureau received several calls last Thursday shortly after 12 p.m. about the mob, which was making its way through north Portland with “JFPK” signs and drums. Witnesses reported seeing people in the crowd openly carrying firearms and wearing tactical gear, which can be seen in the video that shows the assault on Hall.

One video also shows a man yelling at Hall and forcing him to consume a medication that is not appropriate for diabetes.

Hall told FOX 12 from his hospital bed:

“All of a sudden these agitators come out, screaming, pounding on my truck.”

Hall told Portland’s Lars Larson Radio Show on Friday that when the mob surrounded him with guns, they began calling him a racist and a Nazi, probably due to the inconvenient fact that he is white and his vehicle had U.S. Marine and Trump stickers on it.

Hall said:

“All of a sudden I heard a thump like I hit somebody. And I look up and there’s a guy standing with an AR-15 in front of me, one to the right, two to the left. I decided at that point that my life was in danger.

“I got out. I needed to clear the way to get my vehicle out of the area. So, I just bought a non-lethal device and told them I was going to use it.”

The device Hall was going to use was a pepper ball he bought from a popular online store.

Hall told FOX 12 he wanted to drive around the mob, but stopped his vehicle and got out because he thought he may have hit something.

Upon exiting his vehicle, Hall was immediately surrounded by several men with pistols, AR-15s and AK-47s.

While his truck door was open, someone took Hall’s keys and a firearm that was in his truck.

Hall told FOX 12:

“I pulled my .38 out of my right pocket and pointed it at the ground and told them if a weapon points at me again, I will shoot to eliminate the threat.”

After revealing his gun, Hall said someone tackled him to the ground and took it away, and then other people started kicking and beating him up.

In another video of the incident, a woman is heard yelling, “Hey, stop!” when Hall gets tackled to the pavement. In the same clip, a school bus is seen trying to go down a cross street.

Twitter user @zerosum24 commented on the video, saying:

“Ted Wheeler will be responsible when some innocent neutron in Portland gets their shit splat.

“This is nuts, and why is Antifa acting like cops?

“Residential area, multiple rifles and handguns pointed by Tifa n motorist. School bus stops right in front of it. Insane.”

Hannah Morris spoke to FOX 12 and said she saw part of the chaos from her window:

“It looked like he was face down and then people were kneeling on top of him.”

Hall himself said he thought he was going to die and wants to know why Portland police didn’t intervene after receiving other calls about the violent group.

Another driver near Interstate Avenue and Killingsworth reported his vehicle’s back window was smashed and the tires slashed by the same unruly mob.

After he recovers from his injuries, Hall told FOX 12 he will be moving away from Portland:

“I’m done. I’m done working in Portland. I’m shutting my business down and I’m probably not going to be coming back.”

Hall filed a police report for assault and said he will be pursuing bias crime charges based on what people were shouting at him, according to FOX 12.

FOX 12 also reached out to one of the march organizers on Twitter, but did not get a response.

It also reported that the Portland Police Bureau has not released any updates on the investigation or whether there have been any citations or arrests regarding this incident.

Why do Antifa and BLM think of themselves as a riot squad that can threaten and tell other people what to do?

Many believe the answer is because there are no real consequences for their thuggery, so they will continue to set fires, break windows, block roadways, assault people and point handguns and rifles at them until their behavior is modified.

Faint-hearted lawmakers and politicians don’t help either.

Under Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s (D) watch, both Antifa and BLM continue to feel emboldened in their anti-social behavior, including posting threatening videos.

Recently, a person claiming to represent Antifa posted a video that showed the mayor’s home address and suggested a veiled death threat against him.

The video was posted in response to Wheeler’s late plea for the community to specifically identify members of Antifa and any violent or destructive rioters.

After months of Antifa’s violent, anarchist ways, Wheeler acknowledged last month:

“They want to burn. They want to bash, like they did to the nonprofit Boys and Girls Club in Northeast. Really they want to intimidate. They want to assault.”

Wheeler asked residents to report to police the license plates of people who drive to events in various neighborhoods and wear black clothing and grab shields or weapons from their cars.

The mayor also encouraged people to report if they hear others bragging about the violence they committed in the city, saying:
“Our job is to unmask them, arrest them and prosecute them.”
Wheeler is finally pressuring the District Attorney’s Office to reexamine cases of repeat offenders and consider restating charges previously dropped, especially for those who have been accused of smashing windows and lighting fires.
Wheeler told OregonLive:
“We’d like to see higher bail for those who are arrested after this kind of activity.
“We’d like to see tougher pretrial restrictions on those individuals so they don’t just pop right back onto the street and participate the next day.
“For those who are repeat offenders, I’d like to see tougher sentences.”

Wheeler has a ripe opportunity to stop the endless violence in his city. The question, however, is whether he has the fortitude that is needed to take a hard stance against unrestrained and ruthless anarchy.

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