BREAKING! Healthcare Whistleblower Says COVID Shots Being Given to Kids WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT!

It would seem, for a lot of reasons, that we aren’t living in the United States of America, anymore. The list of itemized examples to support that statement is too long for a one hour broadcast, and most of you that join us every day are red pill Patriots, you’re part of the great awakening, you recognize what’s happening here, and that’s an obviously blatant attempt to topple our entire political system, insert an authoritarian rule where everyone is subservient to one government, where decisions about your daily life, income, spending and even medicine are made on your behalf, by the government, who will determine how successful you may become, whether or not you have the ability to speak freely, if you shall remain physically free or be incarcerated, de-programmed, re-programmed, re-educated or even the ability to procreate.

Whether or not you’re afforded the right to have children will be decided by the government, and if you’re granted the privilege, the way you raise them, what you teach them and how you care for them will be decided by the globalists, as well.

Over the weekend, I received a message in Telegram from a healthcare worker that absolutely blew my mind. This woman says she worked at a clinic in northern Michigan, and witnessed providers (doctors) giving COVID injections to patients after they had been pulled due to adverse side effects. If you remember, there was a hold on the Johnson & Johnson cocktail, and providers were prohibited from administering their brand of the so-called ‘vaccine’. That didn’t stop this doctor from giving it to patients anyway, and in a phone conversation that I had with this healthcare worker turned whistleblower she said, “…when J&J was pulled, our clinic was still giving it to people.” She went on to say that the doctor claimed he could still administer these shots due to the emergency use protocol. Now, I don’t know if that’s legal, because I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not a judge but it would seem that if any medicine was halted, pulled, stopped or prohibited from use due to adverse reactions, it would be outside of a doctor’s discretion as to whether or not it can be given to a patient.

This healthcare worker, who originally told me that she would “be damned” if she was going to remain silent about this occurrence, said she took videos and photos of the vaccines, along with the dates on them and agreed to send them to me. It would be illegal for me to record and release the conversation that we had together, but a transcription is perfectly legal, and I can quote here, verbatim, what she told me and leave it to you as the court of public opinion to decide whether or not you believe there to be credibility to what she’s alleging.

I have to admit, that statement about expired vaccines being given to patients was shocking to me, but what she told me after that struck fear into my soul. She said, “we had a couple kids that were due for vaccines”, she was scheduled for work that day and painted the picture for me, “I was really floored when the one day I got to work and we get standing orders for the day. So what it is is a description of what patients are coming in, what the general appointment is for and then when they check-in, it opens up a chart where it describes more. This little boy, who I know who he is, he went to school with my son in Head Start which is like a preschool, he came in and me and the nurse (who’s name I’m not going to mention here due to potential legal implications) and a third nurse went to go get his vaccines because you have to have pre and post checks of what vaccine which is like three people checking what’s going, and this is going to make me cry, but when I seen the AstraZeneca pulled out of the fridge, I was like ‘why is this out?’ She said the explanation she received from the nurse was that the doctor wanted to micro dose him. She said she asked, “what do you mean micro dose?”.

The response was horrific. She said the nurse told her, “Well, we’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now with the kids coming in for their vaccines to get them antibodies”. She said the nurse was all for it. The whistleblower said she looked at another nurse and said, “okay, is this normal procedure? Like I’m not comfortable doing this”. The nurse told her, “well you need to go talk to the doctor then”, because my source was refusing to sign off on it. She said that when she went to talk to the doctor he said, “you know it’s the parents’ duty to know what type of medical care their child is receiving. They need to find sourceful information before they come in. I’m here to practice medicine and administer”.

Her telegram message to me was basically the same, but she went into a little more detail when she wrote, “his exact words were ‘it’s the parents duty to ask questions and find sourceful information before they come in. It is my duty to administer and practice medicine and it’s your duty to follow the orders I give.’ I threw up and left”. She went on to say that another nurse was willing to write an affidavit and come forward, and also brought it to my attention that this doctor may be difficult to expose as she wrote, “this doctor is the chief medical director as well, so this is going to be tough. But I can’t see this happen to children I just can’t, I also told him it’s medical negligence and he is so indoctrinated by his schooling where he completed that he does not think twice about the health department encouraging parents to start trials and this doctor is on the board there, too.” Very scary stuff.

She told me that her response to that statement was, “a lot of parents don’t ask questions because they don’t know to ask or they’re too scared to ask. Isn’t that a problem with you?” She said the doctor looked at her and said, “No, maybe they shouldn’t be parents then.” She stressed those were his exact words.

Now here’s where the story gets even more scary. She told me in our phone conversation, “so this little boy got jabbed with the AstraZeneca and the worst part about it is, ugh…this is so bad, the mom I follow her on Facebook and I don’t know what the legalities are here on this, but she had posted, so this happened on Monday and Wednesday and she posted, ‘man (my son) is really coughing really hard and has a really bad fever’, and I so badly wanted to to be like, ‘well that’s because your son got the jab and you just don’t know it’, but I don’t know what the legalities are here and I went through the MICR, so that’s the Michigan registry for vaccines for kids, and I went on the MICR, and this is like oh my God, Stew”. She went on to say there have been approximately 30 kids in Rogers City, which is a little town, where this doctor has been micro dosing kids.

Now, here’s where we are at with this. The healthcare worker who agreed to come forward with this is scared. She doesn’t know, for sure, what the retaliation may be in response to her going public with this, and she has not sent me the videos she took. I hope she does, and her bravery could save lives if this is really going on. She sent me a message saying, “I had to resign from my job and am trying to obtain a lawyer, the picture I’m about to send you is of a patient’s MICR, which in Michigan is their vaccine registration in the Michigan registrar…I legit watched a nurse mix the AstraZeneca with the MMR vaccine”.

As of this morning, I received a message with her saying, “Things are not going good I got a call from local sheriff, there is a warrant out for me not returning” the badge for her former employer. As of the time of this broadcast, we don’t know if she’s been arrested, and we are working on getting the videos and additional documentation she has to prove the legitimacy of her claims.

The mainstream media will not bring it to the attention of the public, so we feel it is our duty to do so. Because I don’t have the documentation, I don’t feel comfortable releasing the name of the doctor or the clinic, and the second I have that I will do so, but this is a message of immediate caution to parents. This may be going on, and if your child has recently received medical care, injections or other vaccines and your child is now experiencing adverse side effects, it may be something you want to check into. Also, because I don’t have the physical evidence she promised to send to me, I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is going on, but I don’t know what motive this healthcare worker may have to lie. I tend to believe what she’s saying based on our phone conversation combined with what she told me in our private telegram messaging, along with the photos she showed to me. I guess at this point, I’ll use the phrase previously coined by a cable news outlet, “We report, you decide”.

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