What If the Trump Voter’s Shoe Was On a Liberal’s Foot?

Here’s the best way I can explain what 74 million people have been living through since November 3, 2020, for leftists to understand.

Suppose some Qanon evil white supremacists attacked an abortion clinic by setting off a bomb in the waiting room, killing a half-dozen women waiting to kill their unborn babies, a doctor, a nurse, and the receptionist. A terrible thing has happened.

The police are called to the scene, but they say the bombing was a virtuous thing that happened because it was stopping the murder of innocents, and they are reluctant to investigate. It’s discovered that there is hospital security footage that shows the bombers setting the bomb, and the police refuse to release it to the public. In fact, people aren’t allowed to talk about the incident even if they were there when it happened. If a police officer talks about it or posts about it online, he gets fired from the department. Authorities block off access to the clinic and teams move in to clean everything up, leaving no evidence to be found, and they begin a campaign of silencing to enforce the belief that nothing ever happened.

Local politicians call a hearing for witnesses to testify from signed affidavits upon penalty of perjury, video experts testify as well, but the mainstream news media refuses to air the hearing, let alone even report that it took place.

Democrats want to have forensic testing of the clinic performed, but the Republicans are doing everything they can to stop it from happening.

The Democratic Party filed lawsuits to present evidence of the clinic bombing, but strangely no court will allow the evidence to be presented, claiming the complainants lack standing. And then they have to listen to Republicans and conservative news lie and say that their cases were thrown out over a lack of evidence.

If anyone who works for Planned Parenthood or any other women’s healthcare facility talks online about how frightening it is to have to worry about going to work now, the social media tech tyrants will censor them by adding a label to their posts with warnings that they are spreading misinformation. Eventually, social media platforms start banning accounts that show leaked videos of the bombing and deplatform them completely.

Republicans start calling the outcries for justice by Democrat politicians and pro-choice advocates the “Big Lie” and mainstream media supports that narrative and labels any attempt to mention the deaths that occurred that day as repeating the Big Lie.

As a normal person living in civil society, you would start to believe that something is going horribly wrong. You know what you saw. You’re not a stupid person. You watched the hearings on YouTube and heard the incredible details of what witnesses saw that day. They are as credible as it gets.

The police, who are supposed to go after the bombers, are guilty of a cover-up and dereliction of duty, no? The media are gaslighting America into believing that you are crazy because nothing happened, right?

That’s the same kind of forced disbelief that 74 million American Trump voters have been living through for over six months now, ever since the 2020 election for every time they try to talk about what they know happened to President Donald Trump. They watched as the Marxists at many levels of our society all stepped up in a coordinated mind **** attempt to whitewash the evidence that the election was stolen from Trump. Even this reasoned example could be labeled as misinformation because this scenario is not made up like the clinic bombing story.

How come CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all the other usual suspects in news outlets across the country refused to air the legislature hearings in all the key battleground states where whistleblowers who were at ground zero in vote-counting centers testified under penalty of perjury that they witnessed firsthand election fraud happening before their very eyes? How come credible data experts who looked at the 2020 voter data and determined that massive amounts of voter fraud took place during the election were completely ignored? The media never questioned how odd it was that Trump won all the bellwether elections except one and still lost. Why did mainstream news media people go out of their way to discredit video footage of Democrats cheating in a Georgia vote counting facility without the slightest interest in finding the truth?

Why are Democrats in Maricopa County, Arizona right now desperately trying to prevent a ballot audit from finishing to the point where they disregarded a state Senate subpoena and a judge’s order if they have nothing to hide?

74 million Americans have known since day one that something seriously wrong took place, and whatever it was is still happening. They have put up with gaslighting for far too long and they are starting to demand answers. They are tired of being called liars when all they ever wanted was the chance to search for the truth of what took place on November 3rd. They have questions they know as Americans they have the right to ask, so why aren’t they allowed to ask them? What do the Democrats have to hide? What are they afraid of? Their attempts to block any inquiries into what happened during the 2020 election spells out one word: guilty.

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Author: Rich Welsh

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