The Media Is Out to Defeat Republicans

The longstanding left-wing mainstream media bias has now elevated into a strategic campaign to defeat the Republican Party throughout the land in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.  That is not hyperbole.  That is a fact.

It is not about former President Trump – although they use him as one of the lead arguments against the GOP.  For the past five years, the east coast mainstream media has been leading a full-scale frontal attack on the GOP Brand.

Every issue juxtaposes Republican leaders AND voters (bad) and the Democrat leaders and voters (good).  According to the media, immigration is an issue between Republicans who are xenophobic and racist and Democrats who are humanitarians. Negative stories about Rudy Giuliani and Matt Gaetz get massive coverage. But the mainstream media ignores the horrific Hunter Biden laptop stories.

While they talk about the perfection of American elections, the left-leaning press and Democrat leaders craze over a forensic audit of one county in Arizona.  Those who voted for the audit and those carrying out are mocked and ridiculed.

The press is pre-emptively attacking every rising star — and current leaders – of the Republican Party. People like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.   They hyperbolically call the Capitol Hill riot an insurrection and then report on it every day – over and over – while ignoring the left-wing Democrat tolerated anti-government rioting every day in places like Portland, Oregon.

News on CNN and MSNBC has become 24/7 informercials for the Democratic Party. Or more correctly, negative ads against the Republican Party, leaders and voters.  They are working the weapons of propaganda to demonize Republicans – and by extension, shame anyone who might be a Republican.

The broad-brush slander against a large group of folks who fight for conservative values – in opposition to the left’s big government agenda – has eerie similarities to the classifying of Jews as the enemies of the German people in the 1930s and 1940s. 

More recently, the effort to stop a Republican resurgence in 2022 has come out from behind the curtain.  They are openly admitting the goal.  They must defeat the Republican Party. And they must crush it.

There are two variations on the theme – the Democrat version and the apostate Republican version.  From the Democrat left perspective, the GOP is a cult of personality – and a threat to the Republic.  The only way to save America and restore the Democrats version of normalcy – meaning they rule – is to wipe out the Republican Party.

Erstwhile Republican media panelists and interviewees are saying that the Republican Party must be defeated as the only means of saving it from the grip of those tens of millions of Americans who cast their vote for President Trump.

That nihilistic theory is advanced by such once-honorable and principled conservatives as Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of the self-proclaimed conservative publication, The Bulwark – a magazine that has attacked the populist wing of the Republican Party with the same zeal as the Democratic National Committee.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney recently announced that IF Donald Trump is the 2024 GOP standard bearer, would she vote for him.  She said, “no.”  That answer alone suggests that she should have resigned her leadership position ahead of being deservedly tossed out. 

I hate to say that because I have always liked Cheney – and still appreciate her excellent conservative legislative record.  I do not like Trump’s personal attacks on her – or her’s on him.  As a member of Congress, I would not find her comment to be a deal breaker. But it does go against any concept of a unified leadership. 

Virtually every political pundit leans in the direction of Republicans reclaiming the House – and maybe even the Senate.  They point to the very, very narrow margin of Democrat control over the two chambers.  They cite the history of the first midterm election of a new President generally going against the party in power.  And they note that there are a significant number of Democrat members of Congress retiring. Many from Congressional Districts that could go either way.  They also recall that in 2020, Republicans did very well in Congressional elections across the country. Even as Trump lost the White House. This reduces the Democrats’ margin in the House when the donkey party should have gained.

Then there are all those tea leaves indicators – fundraising, polls, candidate recruitment, Democrat defections among Blacks and Hispanics – that are trending toward the GOP.  There is not a lot of time to overcome what appears to be Republican advantages. And they cannot do it without going to the extreme.  Democrats must take down all the guardrails of decency, honesty and – in the case of the mainstream media – journalistic ethics of objectivity to take head off Republican victories in 2022.

The biggest weapon the Democrats have is the corrupt east coast media that has pledged fealty to one party and one philosophy – and which will abuse the powers of the press by spewing a continuing and sickening flow of political claptrap.

Personally, methinks it will not work.  The American people tend to have a commons sense that thwarts any efforts to control their vote.  We shall find out in a year and a half.

So, there ‘tis.

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Author: Larry Horist

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