Biden Administration to Use Foreign ‘Research’ Companies To Infiltrate ‘Private’ Social Media Groups To Spy On Americans

Candace Owens recently asked, “Are we still a free nation?” At any other time that would not be a profound inquiry, but it’s absolutely essential that we understand it these days. When the president of the United States (Donald Trump) can be censored on the nation’s top social media platforms, you have to wonder if they can get away with doing that to him what can’t they do to you and your First Amendment rights?

The Biden administration, it is being said, is gearing up to bring back an old Obama-era surveillance hack to circumvent 4th Amendment privacy laws that will allow your government to spy on American citizens and they’re doing it in the name of tracking extremist chatter online. Now you know why the Democrats have been constantly and ad nauseam pushing the idea that white supremacists lurk around every corner throughout the country. They want to use the lie of white supremacy infiltrating our very democracy so that the government can infiltrate our very democracy.

The Woke Supremacy inside the Biden government learned a thing or two about the fascist tech tyrants getting away with censorship and silencing people altogether who don’t support the supremacy. For Biden’s Department of Homeland (DHS) Security to get around those pesky privacy laws, DHS is considering a scheme to use non-government entities (mostly foreign) to access private groups legally (still questionable) on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, so reports CNN.

How is that any different from computer hacking?

This isn’t the Democrats’ first rodeo using outside fascists to target political enemies. The Obama administration used a phony story made up by then private-citizen running for president Hillary Clinton about Trump-Russia collusion to get her illegal private email server off the front pages of newspapers. That phony intelligence was then fed to former British spy Christopher Steele, a noted Trump hater, who was hired by Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm, to purchase disinformation dirt allegedly from Russian FSB agents to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign back in 2016 and later President Donald Trump.

DHS sources told CNN, the media wing of the Biden White House, that any intelligence the Biden regime collects through this type of surveillance would consist only of “broad summaries or analysis of narratives that are emerging” on social media sites like Telegram and Parler, but would not target specific users. If you believe that, then you must believe that Brian Stelter is an excellent, excellent journalist.

Remember back during the Obama regime when his administration started abusing programs from the Patriot Act that were designed to be used against foreign terrorists and started using them against US citizens? Remember how the CNN’s and the MSNBC’s of the world ran cover for that administration by telling us that it was only metadata being collected and that it didn’t really matter? Well, here we go again. I am a software developer in another life and I can tell you that metadata can absolutely identify people. The Fake News outlet said that if the intelligence shows “enough evidence of a potential crime,” the FBI will get involved and specifically target individuals. And it depends on who is in charge of defining what is evidence of a potential crime? I’m hoping they don’t recruit from Facebook fact-checking outlets.

Meanwhile, these are the same government officials who are still holding people in jail in the DC area who simply walked around the Capitol building on January 6. They have been sitting in jail cells for months for the heinous crime of “trespassing” while being used to press the narrative that evil white supremacist Trump supporters are lurking everywhere.

“A source familiar with the effort said it is not about decrypting data but rather using outside entities who can legally access these private groups to gather large amounts of information that could help DHS identify key narratives as they emerge.

“By partnering with research firms who have more visibility in this space, the DHS could produce information that would likely be beneficial to both it and the FBI, which can’t monitor US citizens in this way without first getting a warrant or having the pretext of an ongoing investigation. The CIA and NSA are also limited on collecting intelligence domestically.”

CNN’s only problem with this is that this breach of privacy would entail empowering a unit from DHS that the Woke Supremacy came to hate last summer during the riots in Portland. Those were the good guys who tried to protect a federal courthouse from being set on fire by Biden supporters while every Democrat in the nation, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, related them to jack-booted thugs.

What CNN and the rest of the Woke Supremacy have a problem with are the intelligence reports that the unit gathered on so-called “journalists” and some ANTFA soy boys who were behind the daily violence and destruction of property against innocent people.

Now that Biden is in the Oval Office, anything that goes against ANTIFA is more than likely not going to be favored. Remember, Biden said that ANTIFA was not a real thing but just an idea. Tell that to the thousands of people they hurt and the destruction done to small businesses in Democrat-run cities across the country.

Reportedly, DHS is planning to use foreign “research firms and non-profit groups” that will use fake identities to infiltrate social media groups that are private. They claim they will only infiltrate private groups that are being used by “domestic terrorists” in order to get “a better sense of narratives that might lead to violence as they emerge.” We all know this is being done to spy on Republicans and conservatives for political advantage.

What is it with the Democrats using foreign sources to do their dirty work? Obama used sources in England, Ukraine, Australia, and several other countries to help our intel community to spy on Trump and others. The Democrats allegedly used Spain, Germany, and some other countries to take our voter data from the 2020 election, filter it, or whatever they did to it, and then send it back to us. They use foreign sources to do their dirty work because we don’t have jurisdiction over them.

This kind of tyranny is similar to what all repressive regimes throughout the 20th century have done. They silence groups they deem to be the enemy and then when the enemy finds ways to have discourse without being under the eye of the tyrants, they infiltrate the groups of people having honest discourse and when they come up empty-handed, they make things up. It’s no different from what the Democrats are doing right now over the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Every American citizen who disagrees with the radical progressive agenda in the Democratic Party is now labeled a white supremacist, a racist, and/or a QAnon insurrectionist.



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