Lindell Launches FrankSpeech With A Liberal Democrat And A 1.6 Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Dominion

On Monday at 9:50 AM Eastern Time, Mike Lindell the CEO and founder of My Pillow launched a livestream on after days of heavy pushback trying to get online. Lindell spent the first few moments of his stream talking about the historically potent cyberattacks that kept the site from being released on time, then he dropped a major breaking news item from his legal team.

“I want people to know that My Pillow is suing Dominion Voting Machines for 1.6 Billion Dollars, and this might be the biggest Free Speech case in the history of the country,” Lindell said.

Lindell’s broke his biggest breaking news on the transmission in partnership with famed lawyer and advocate, Alan Dershowitz, a self-proclaimed “Liberal Democrat”.  Dershowitz is a longtime and well-known champion of Free speech. Dershowitz said that Dominion was acting as the government and that protecting Free Speech and the First Amendment should be a concern of everyones.


“They are committing crimes against humanity by taking our election, now censoring people, even people who only had a cut out of me on their videos, or for saying the words Dominion and Smartmatic,” Lindell told Dershowitz.

“This is a historic day.  There are 100 or more lawsuits from Dominion to stop people from talking about the election and the machines. Dominion is claiming they are the government and have the powers of the government, and we are not going to stand for it. We want to have discovery and see how they can make that claim,” Dershowitz said. 

“They need to make their case or drop it they can not use their protections as a sword and shield- we want access to their codes and everything the justifies what they did,” Dershowitz said. 


“Those actors who are keeping the site offline were throwing everything they had at us.  We have had guys up for 30-40 hours in a row trying to maintain the site.  You could say we are over the target,” Lindell said as he reached up to 13 Million viewers on his live stream in anticipation of the launch.  Monday’s event was a kick-off of a 48-hour marathon to introduce his newest project at

Lindell, who was de-platformed and had his products discontinued from over 25 big box stores, developed Frank Speech to inform viewers about updates to his fight for free speech and to provide a new media platform for the many other people who have faced lawsuits and censorship over debates and discussing regarding the 2020 Presidential election and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since launching his promo code: TRUMP2020, at My Pillow, Lindell has gotten the wrath of the left, in their anger over the support of Lindell and his projects.

“What are they afraid of- they are afraid of people talking about the election and about vaccines. Today we focus on the First Amendment issue. Tomorrow will be launched, absolute interference, a movie about how foreign countries stole our election, showing that the Communists came into our country and took the election.  We are going to show censorship of how people are being taken down because of what they said online, Lindell said.

Notable guests for the marathon launch will include: Graham Ledger, Ted Nugent, Steve Bannon, Dr. Simone Gold, Roger Stone, and many others, in politics, media, and health care, but the main focus was the lawsuit.

A mainstay of funding activism for President Donald J. Trump’s requests to evaluate the 2020 Presidential election has come from supporters of My Pillow, as Lindell using his Promo code:  TRUMP2020 .

“Dominion sued My Pillow and that was a big mistake. My Pillow has 25000 employees,  it is a private company,  and the employees have stock,” Lindell said about the lawsuit.

Dershowitz talked about the last time the First amendment was really under attack was  1798 under a policy called the Alien and Sedition acts, saying that what is happening in 2021  is worse because,”  it is as if the government is using Dominion for lawsuits- they were giving the power of the government,” he said.

“The US Government delegated the power to dominion to count votes- and then Dominion is saying shut up-you can not question us,” Dershowitz said.

“Dominion is saying that We are the government- trust us and don’t challenge us; we were put in charge- you can’t see source codes, you can’t redress government with grievances,” Dershowitz said, claiming that no one has the right to do that, no matter who the group is, whether they are liberals or conservatives.

“Dominion is hiding what they are doing, at the same time they are preventing others from coming into the marketing place- and they are doing it as if they are the government I have been protecting the 1st Amendment for 60 years- it could be the biggest case because it involves the election. We should be on Lindell’s side- because this case is about the ability to debate the election,” Dershowitz told Lindell.

“In many places, you can not say Dominion and Smartmatic without being banned,” Lindell said.

People who want to support Mike Lindell can do so at My Pillow and use the promo code:  TRUMP2020 .


The latest company to cancel Lindell is Costco adding a loss of over 65M in revenue since being canceled. Lindell’s activism is about him own business loss, but also about more. Tuesday’s Livestream will focus on Lindell’s documentary, Absolute Proof, which explores the voter irregularities Lindell alleges.

“Networks are afraid of being sued, so they have discussed, they have developed a detriment impact for those who talk about the election, and exactly what the 1st amen is about, esp when it involves political and elections,” Dershwitz said.

“I am a liberal Democrat, and I urge people to support you because your case is a wedge to go after the  Amendment everywhere,” Dershowitz ended with.

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Author: Kari Donovan

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