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Last week, we continued with the heart of our online conference “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination” with the second of four presenters talking about the fraudulent autopsy that the U.S. military conducted on the body of President Kennedy on the evening of the assassination.

We began this part of the conference with a presentation by Douglas Horne, who served on the staff of the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s and then later authored the five-volume watershed book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board.

Last week, Dr. Michael Chesser delivered a presentation on the fraudulent nature of the x-rays. Chesser is one of the few people who have been permitted to examine the x-rays that were taken of the president’s head at the Bethesda morgue.

Chesser pointed out that the x-rays contain an extremely large 6.5 millimeter bullet fragment, which just happens to match the Italian-made Mannlicher Carcano rifle that Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to have used to shoot the president. But as Chesser pointed out, that large bullet fragment had to have been planted onto a copy of the x-rays after the autopsy. That’s because the purpose of the x-rays is to find bullet fragments and then remove them. If that large-size bullet fragment had been there during the autopsy, it would have been seen and removed. In fact, when the ARRB in the 1990s asked the autopsy physicians whether they had seen the bullet fragment during the autopsy, they answered no. That’s because it’s a virtually certainty that it was planted onto the x-rays after the fact. Chesser went on the explain how this could be done.

Chesser also pointed out the strange nature of the x-rays in terms of extreme lightness and darkness. This also would have been done with fraudulent copies of the original x-rays to ensure that the damage seen matched the official theory of the case — i.e., that the president was hit by only one bullet from the rear.

Chesser also pointed out that given the complexity of the damage to Kennedy’s skull, there is no reasonable possibility that only one bullet could have caused all that damage.

One of the most interesting and amusing aspects of the autopsy involved the supposed entry wound in the rear of Kennedy’s head, which the autopsy physicians said was at the base of his head, near the hairline. When the U.S. House medical panel reviewed and analyzed the skull x-rays in the 1970s, it decided that the supposed entry wound was actually four inches higher, near the president’s cowlick. That’s because this new location was the only way that the supposed scenario regarding the “magic bullet” would work.

The problem, of course, is that the members of the medical panel did not conduct the autopsy. The autopsy physicians conducted the autopsy. They were there with the body. The panel never saw the body. The autopsy physicians  insisted that the supposed entry wound was four inches below, near the president’s hairline. The members of the panel, who were not there, were just as insistent, maintaining that the supposed entry wound had to be four inches higher, near the president’s cowlick.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.”

Why is the autopsy evidence so important? Because there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. None! If there was an innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy, you can rest assured that the military and the CIA, as well as their acolytes and assets within the mainstream press, would have presented it by now. But they can’t. That’s why they have resigned themselves to simply repeating their little smear mantra “Conspiracy theory!”

A fraudulent autopsy necessarily means cover-up. There is no way around that. And cover-up necessary means a U.S. national-security state regime-change operation. There is no way to reasonably avoid that conclusion, especially given that the plan to conduct a fraudulent autopsy was launched at Parkland Hospital within moments after the president was declared dead. That means that the fraudulent autopsy had to have been built into the assassination plot itself.

This Wednesday evening at 7 pm ET, another independent physician who has personally examined the head x-rays, Dr. David Mantik, will present his findings and analysis. It will be another fascinating and insightful presentation, one that you will not want to miss.

To register, just go to our conference website. A zoom link will be sent to you. The presentations that have already been made are posted in the multimedia section of our website at fff.org.

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