Why Democrats Lie About Election Fraud

I grew up in Chicago where vote stealing was a standard practice of the political machine.  It was so iconic that people often joked about it. And you know jokes have a seed of truth in them.

When Mayor Daley the First died, one observer opined that at least he can still vote.  When Illinois Democrat Senator accidentally voted twice on the floor of the Senate, he attributed it to his Chicago background.  Many Republicans switched parties and voted Democrat after they died.  The common mantra was “vote early and often.”

The jokes were based on reality.  At least three major civic organizations were devoted to fighting against vote fraud. 

The League of Women Voters had a task force on the issue.  I headed the City Club of Chicago that had an investigative arm address vote fraud.  There was a group called Project LEAP (Legal Elections in All Precincts).  In several elections, U.S. Marshals came in to protect the vote in the precincts with a history of election fraud – where party hacks from the Democrats held all the Republican observers’ spots.

Most of these efforts continued as late as my departure from the Windy City in 2013.  Vote fraud is an open secret in Chicago.  I had a private conversation with a Black Democrat precinct worker friend after CNN’s Chris Cuomo declared that there had not been more than 30 instances of vote fraud in the past ten years.  My friend laughed and said he would get that many illegal votes out of his precinct every election.

You do not see a lot of folks going to the slammer for vote fraud because it is virtually impossible to identify the culprits and take corrective measures.  For example, if we have more votes in a precinct than requests for ballots – a common occurrence – how do you find who did it?  And … how do you correct the corruption?  What votes do you remove from the count?  

You have the same problem when thousands of non-eligible voters – including the deceased – cast a vote. 

It is virtually impossible to effectively address vote fraud after the fact.  The secret ballot shields those committing the fraud.  That is why counting court cases as a measure of vote fraud does not tell the story.

The most effective way to address and minimize vote fraud is a strong defense. We need a secure system that keeps the balloting process – from registration to certification – within a transparent chain of security.  History has made it clear that any weak spots in that process can, and will, result in the illegal manipulation of the vote.

While Democrats claim that their reforms are only to expand the right to vote to more citizens, they also provide backdoor weaknesses that are available to those skilled in election fraud and manipulating votes.  It would take a full tutorial to explain all the means by which vote counts can more easily be altered through the so-called reforms – and very difficult to detect, correct and prosecute.  These include early voting, vote harvesting and same-day registration. But the most obvious evidence that Democrats do not want safe elections is their refusal to remove ineligible voters from the voting rolls and a strict requirement for proper voter identification.  The majority of the American public supports both of those actions.

Let’s make it simple. 


Every one of such votes that is recorded is prima facie proof of vote fraud.  And we had millions of proven examples in the 2020 presidential election.

Of course, those most responsible for vote fraud are the very ones most insistent that it does not exist.  They will deny it even in the face of incontrovertible proof.  Those false claims are reminiscent of what we hear from despotic authoritarian governments in such places as China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, etc.  The claims that we do not have serious issues of vote fraud is propaganda for the ears of fools.

What we see in 47 of our 50 states across the nation is an important and legitimate BIPARTISAN effort to preserve the constitutional rights of states to manage elections and to reinforce the protective shield around our elections.  It is a push back against Democrat efforts to nationalize the American election for the first time in history in the form of House Resolution (HR) 1. 

And IF the election was fraud free – as Democrats and their media allies claim – why do we need HR 1? 

That answer to that is simple.  Democrats want to block the states’ constitutional right and responsibility to establish fair and reasonable protections against vote count manipulation.

So, there ‘tis.

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Author: Larry Horist

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