New York Times: How a Defeated Trump Is Making a Muddle of the GOP

Just follow our lead.

We will spell it out and make it super duper easy for them.

We’re heading back to a populist and nationalist vs. progressive alignment in American politics like we had with Jackson in the antebellum era or the Bryan era during the early 20th century. This is what the Biden administration and the media pathologize as “the rise of far-right domestic extremism.”

The Democrats have become what the Whig Party or the Republican Party used to be: an Eastern-based party of corrupt, credentialed, cosmopolitan, novelty chasing coastal elites, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Big Business plutocrats and lunatic millenarian social reformers boiling over with the same puritanical zeal to scold and lord it over the rest of the country that animated their forebears. Naturally, their preferred foreign policy of ruling and correcting the world is but an extension of their domestic policy.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Republican lawmakers are passing voting restrictions to pacify right-wing activists still gripped by former President Donald J. Trump’s lie that a largely favorable election was rigged against them. G.O.P. leaders are lashing out in Trumpian fashion at businesses, baseball and the news media to appeal to many of the same conservatives and voters. And debates over the size and scope of government have been overshadowed by the sort of culture war clashes that the tabloid king relished.

This is the party Mr. Trump has remade. …

Even Democrats see the risk that Republican messaging on cultural issues will resonate with a large segment of voters. Dan Pfeiffer — a former aide to Mr. Obama who suffered through what his boss called the 2010 “shellacking” — warned members of his party this week that they should not simply roll their eyes when Republicans lament “cancel culture.”

“Republicans are raising these cultural topics to unite their party and divide ours,” he wrote in an essay. “Therefore, we must aggressively move the conversation back to the economic issues that unite our party and divide theirs.” …”

The two parties have traded places.

The Democrats have become the Republicans. The Republicans have become the Democrats. The Democracy used to be a Southern and Western-based party of farmers, laborers and small businessmen united by producerism who distrusted corrupt elites and who championed the interest of the common man. It was also the party of “white supremacy” or the straight out unapologetic White man.

All of the people whose ancestors voted for Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, who fought for the Confederacy, who voted for William Jennings Bryan, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and down to LBJ have finally been alienated and driven out of the Democratic Party. It has become an anti-White, anti-Southern and anti-Christian party. The process has dramatically accelerated over the past 30 years and particularly over the last 10 years. We don’t come from stock that would have had any time for political correctness and the electorate has been resorting around that issue and a few other ones like immigration.

Conservatism, Inc. was catapulted into power by this long term shift and backlash in the 1980s. The migration is nearly complete now though which has over time swamped the True Cons. The rise and fall of Trump tore down the old order and has stirred up the electorate that he had created.

The “far right domestic extremists” believe pretty much all of the same things as Republican voters now whether it is on immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness, censorship, crime, trans, cultural degeneration, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, so-called “journalists,” the regeneration of White racial consciousness, etc. In retrospect, the “rise of far-right domestic extremism” looks like the tip of the iceberg and now the iceberg has emerged in full view in the polls. The two are indistinguishable now.

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Author: Hunter Wallace

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