HUSSEIN HILL: The Vengeful Establishment of 2021

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Since the day Joe Biden announced his 2020 campaign; people like myself knew exactly what he intended to do as president. Trump supporters, populists, principled libertarians and anti-establishment Republicans were completely aware of what his candidacy represented. It was a return to foreign wars. It was a return to Wall Street protectionism. It was a return to hyper-surveillance by the federal government. It was a return to corporate, oligarchic corruption. It was a return to the established order of things while vehemently punishing those who question the system. This is what Joe Biden actually ran on and he has delivered on these things tenfold.

Now, there are a few blatant examples of the establishment’s actions against wrong-think like Coca-Cola’s anti-white propaganda, Chris Cuomo’s refusal to critically report on his brother, the advent of genderless Mr. Potato Head and the denouncing of Dr. Seuss. While these are definitely concerning occurrences; they are minimal by comparison to other measures that the Biden administration and their cultural proxies are executing against American citizens. The targeting of Trump supporters, conservatives and political dissidents via cultural and legislative measures is far more terrifying . Let’s start with the response to the January 6th siege. While it was chaotic, short sighted and a bit silly; it was fueled by justifiable anger with the refusal of SCOTUS to hear evidentiary claims of voter fraud. It also does not deserve the response it has garnered.

This response includes the Big Tech censoring of Trump from their platforms, the Democrat’s attempt to push through legislation that would effectively criminalize MAGA rallies, the recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the nationwide investigation of every attendee of the January 6th rally, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace’s rhetoric about drone striking Trump supporters and the overall leftist narrative that the Republican Party is harboring white nationalist terrorists. These actions are meant to send the message to political dissidents that if they step out of line; they will be severely punished. Meanwhile, the Biden administration turns a blind eye to the Chinese government’s genocidal actions, re-engaged in war mongering in Syria, has yet to close Guantanamo Bay and has re-opened migrant facilities for children that were condemned by the Democrats during the Trump administration. So much for ideological consistency.

The dystopian measures of the Biden administration don’t stop there. Assistant Health Secretary nominee Rachel Levine demonstrates that perfectly. The transgender activist masquerading as a health specialist; is an ardent advocate of hormone blockers for prepubescent children. Levine is also viciously pro-abortion and a propagandist of the LGBTQ doctrine that targets Christians along with anyone who believes that biological reality should be the standard for discussing human sexuality. Let’s not forget about H.R. 127. This bill, if passed, would require a nationwide registry while banning common calibers of ammunition, including every shotgun shell larger than .410. The bill says “It shall be unlawful for any person to possess ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater.” Failure to comply with this ban would result in a fine of at least $50,000 and at least 10 years in prison.

Some top Republicans like Liz Cheney, Richard Burr and Mitch McConnell have also jumped on the establishment narrative. They have either supported Trump’s impeachment or accused Trump and other America First, populist figures of fostering insurrectionist, extreme rhetoric. While the overwhelming majority of Republicans have embraced the America First agenda and stand behind Trump as a positive force for the GOP; this speaks to the fact that there are Republicans who are willing to back the agenda of an administration that views them as the enemy.

This marks the beginning of a new socio-political divide between those who serve the elites and those who represent the people. Even leftists such as Noami Wolf, Glenn Greenwald and Tulsi Gabbard have found themselves at odds with the current administration. There is a clear divide occurring that is being driven by the mainstream, corporate left.

Many critics of Trump, of his supporters and of anti-establishment sentiments, like to believe that all of this is led by some sort of cultist fandom of Donald Trump. They want to tell America that things like the rise of Wall Street Bets or distrust in the legacy media is driven by what they call “Trumpism”. The truth is that they are barely scratching the surface with their analysis. The Trump administration merely acted as an avatar for the growing anger that more than half of Americans have long since harbored towards the establishment. People have grown tired of the military industrial complex. They are sick of watching foreign entities, like China, seed more and more influence over their cultural infrastructures. They detest the academia driven, neo Marxist tribalism that is being used to peddle corporate products and advance political interests.

The powers that be will continue to push their blatantly anti-American agenda. That only means that the people must push back even harder in the years to come.

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