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Sick of the old, repeated narratives from the “lamestream media?” Ready for some brand new “news” channels? It seems most Americans feel that way. It’s getting harder than ever to find real news stories amid all the “politics” in the mainstream media. Worse, they’re fast trying to shut up what’s left of real, truthful journalism as this war of information and public opinion heats up. We’ve got a few alternatives for you to discover, where people find interesting and useful information that is blocked by the corporate media. So head below if you’d like to find an easy guide of the latest list of popular new alternative broadcasters making a big splash in the ocean of alternative press.

All these new broadcasters have popped up in the last decade or so for good reasons. For four long Trump years, the “big six” have dominated the American life story (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox) but today are found to be lacking in “news reporting” of any kind (outside of anti-Trump or pro-Trump rants}, and now are being given a run for their money by new channels, stations, and networks outside the “mainstream.

In recent polls, 72% of the nation (report in 2018) reported that they believe the major outlets purposely tell falsehoods, plus a shocking 86% (report in 2020) say the news media is biased and politicizes the news. The only difference I see in those numbers is two years’ worth of time, allowing for people to wake up, and that getting so many Americans to agree on any subject is astonishing, let alone being aware they’ve been lied to.

In fact, most people are also aware that today, there’s a great purging of conservative voices out of media and social media platforms, including those who disagree with official narratives from the CDC and WHO. This silencing means that it is becoming ever more difficult to hear second opinions and get little-known facts in science, technology, and medicine.

Consequently, lately, I’m repeatedly getting the question, “Where do you get all that awesome, fascinating, informative, unbiased news.” In fact, I’m getting questions about where to find good information even more in the wake of Fox News sometimes going off the rails.

So the list I am making today for you all is what I refer to as “upstream” news, as opposed to the “downstream” nature of big tech’s mainstream propaganda. In the downstream, if an important story is mentioned at all, it’s a day late and several dollars short. I don’t know about you, but upstream, fresh, up-to-date is what I am looking for, especially in a dangerous, changing world. Not a smooth numbing voice from the “Mockingbird Media “ of the deep state, with lipstick, or a suit and tie.

The alternatives listed here are just a smattering of where Youtube and other sites’ algorithms direct the user. So, you’ll see plenty more outside this list. These days, however, you’ll have better luck on Rumble, Brighteon, Safechat, or Bitchute in avoiding the oppressive censorship of mainstream media assets. Big tech operations are all very heavily restrictive, and more so, each day. It’s why so many have turned to DuckDuckGo as a search engine to avoid the censoring algorithms, the same way the world is migrating away from these behemoths, escaping Facebook and Twitter because of the massive distrust, that even Jack Dorsey admits to, fleeing to new social media such as Gab, Wimkin, Parler, Telegram, and others.

In fact, getting a ban on Facebook and other social media has become a badge of honor, as Mark Zuckerberg bans conservative groups of all types, including Myanmar’s military … even the entire country of Australia. Think I’m kidding? No … a few days ago, Zuckerberg banned the biggest country down under for too much disconfirming truth against the globalist agenda coming out of its free publications (like Sky News Australia, outlined in the list) in the Land of Plenty.

Alternative Stream Media is now exploding with new networks and broadcasters every week. To be honest, it’s far more interesting and informative than anything Hollywood or Madison Avenue cooks up. That’s because the dusty adage, “truth is stranger than fiction,” is truer today than ever before. If you haven’t tried the new “free speech media,” you really don’t know what you’re missing. The new information is dizzying to behold, especially in comments sections which are uncensored as well, where the public is unleashed to spill what it knows. And with politics being the latest American sport, they spill plenty of dirt.

Just go to YouTube and type in some of the names we’ve listed below. I promise, it’s intriguing, even downright shocking, what you’ll see. Drinking from the upstream sources is more truthful, fresher, and chock full of information that you will never see downstream, that pumps out the same 5 propaganda stories a week and then squeeze them for all they’re worth, with celebrities and authorities echoing each narrative down the line.

After looking over the list below, I hope readers will comment with their favorite alt stream broadcasters that I can add them in, with another review of the Alternative Stream soon. If we get enough suggestions, I’d like to see one new broadcaster highlighted every week in a special article.

Remember, please, that the style of the Vlogosphere is remarkably different: it isn’t normally your dry, everyday presentation like the mainstream media news used to be, or you might be used to. Something about bringing political bias and vitriol against the normal standards of unbiased journalism into the mainstream for the last half-decade, from “tingle up my leg” to crying about “Orange Man Bad,” changed things. It has shifted the traditional style of newscasting into a whole new set of rules, in letting on-air talent let their emotional slip show. And that, in turn, has resulted in the alternative world of broadcasting turning journalistic standards over to the manner of the average person. So often, you’ll see broadcasts from kitchens, bedrooms, patios, backyards, anywhere at all, and full of the emotions and opinionated rhetoric in presenting news, facts, and political commentary.

In fact, in many of these alternative broadcaster’s feeds, you can find videos of them interacting with their audience, in real-time, on the “LIVE CHAT” option on YouTube and mixed in with all the information sharing, political arguing, political agreement, there’s chiding, joking, attacks, bans from the chatroom, rants, hissy fits, sharing personal stories, and plenty more information than would be found about a subject anywhere else, because it includes public input.

There is an important tangible human realness to this more informal world of broadcasting, to not be politically correct, and to be real, and genuine. Because people are messy, if the point of leaving the mainstream is to discover the truth, then the truth will come out of everyday people, and every day, people have all kinds of issues, beliefs, and standards. Rather than slick, it’s often uncomfortable, awkward, and yet, totally addicting once you get into it. Much like the qualities of a reality show, only it’s politics and news.

In fact, often it’s like listening to the news from someone in your family, if suddenly your family was educated, smart, connected, and out hunting down the facts. Some of the best “news sources” are mom-and-pop operations now, which do due diligence and work hard to present the facts without bias. Whether pegged as “left or right-leaning,” you’ll find them more accurate, more truthful, far more often, than the big military-industrial-corporate complex mockingbird “news” outlets.

You may wonder how these broadcasting artists stay afloat? Well, mostly by advertising, but many of the good ones are being de-platformed and need donations, and often you’ll hear them ask you for that, to buy the products that they represent as sponsors, along with clicking “like” and subscribing to their channel. Many people in the alternative broadcasting universe do not use their real names, just like the “real” entertainment world. For some, they just use the name of the channel, leave it at that, and never announce their own names. Now that’s putting truth ahead of glory.

In this beginning list, I made sure to focus part of this list on “banned” media because of an old quote from George R.R. Martin:

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar; you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

Many of these new broadcasters have been “canceled” even as I write this, so I include where you may find them after they get the boot from big-tech censorship.

Vlogosphere Guide: The Alternative Stream News Channels

Newsmax – Slick production values, giving the impression its mainstream media, but no, in fact, it’s the top of the line in alternative broadcasting. Newsmax is “ancient” of all alt news cable networks, starting in 1997 by Christopher Ruddy and operated by Newsmax media. But recently, this reliable conservative communication workhorse has come under fire from the Democrat party, as they try to “cancel them” out of cable line-ups through government pressure. For four long years, the Democrats whined on the mainstream about how the 2016 election was stolen, and now if anyone says that the 2020 election was stolen, they face cancel culture pulling the plug. This channel shockingly reports real news – the big six should be taking notes, not pouring fuel on the fire for their silencing. Newsmax (1.89 Million YouTube subscribers) can be seen on your cable channel line-up, Pluto, YouTube, Vizio, and other cable outlets, See here for specific options in your area.

OANN – One America News Network (1.44M YouTube subscribers) has been around since 2013 and has really become the most talked-about conservative news network as of late, along with Newsmax. Founded by Richard Herring Sr., It’s so big, some people think it might also be selling out like famous flippers Fox News and Drudge Report, but the fact that the Democrats have this network in their crosshairs for cancel culture tells us that they’re doing something right. With a continuously high-density story line-up and some wonderful in-house pundits, it has become the “Alternative Establishment” network. See here for specific options to find OANN in your area.

Sky News Australia

Recently Americans have taken an interest in what lies down under in terms of political news and commentary. Australia’s Sky News (1.31M YouTube subscribers) has made a big impression on conservatives in America. When I went to check it out, I noted that there’s a lot of news about the United States, including about President Trump, on this network. Evidently, not following the mainstream narratives in its broadcasts has made it a quick hit in the USA. I’m instantly a fan. Australia Sky News is operated by News Corp Australia. See here for specific options to watch Australia Sky News.

Breitbart – Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, this online Conservative News, and opinion platform has bureaus in Texas, London, and Jerusalem and is probably the most well-known for picking up the slack after the now-languishing Democrat Party asset, Drudge Report, flipped on its base. Lots of stories directing you to their sources. Breitbart has been around since 2005, founded by Andrew Breitbart and Larry Solov, and practically feels “old establishment” at this point, with highly professional production values, but has maintained its standards of truthfulness in journalism. You can trust if it’s a big story that’s been hiding from the mainstream, likely you’ll find it here (347K YouTube subscribers).

Populist Press – Who can miss Drudge Report when we have Populist Press? Matt Drudge may have flipped for a dollar, but online platform Populist Press hopefully never will. Founded in 2020 there are no disclosures to ownership. This high-traffic website does the same job, only better, and has stayed true to its conservative base. Its interface even looks like the old Drudge which is a  bonus. Keep up the great work, PP! If political websites were comfort food, this would be a big plate of mac and cheese. Roughly 1.2M people a day visit their website.

Bongino Report – Off-shoot of The Dan Bongino Show (778K YouTube subscribers), where Dan could see a hole in the market for a conservative aggregator. Beyond political stories, this new publication aggregates social news as well but lines it up for “ease-of-use,” pegging the important stories of the day, in a unique, easy-to-digest, logical line-up, with Dan’s particular style of pragmatism. Highly enjoyable, give it a try (description below), you’ll probably find you want to spend a lot of time here.

Epoch Times – Excellent, truthful source on breaking news around the world. I was shocked to find out that this wonderfully factual newspaper is actually owned by the Chinese – the non-communist party Chinese – who were escaping communism. Founded by John Tang and operated by the Epoch Media Group.  And they have paid a steep price to publish that truth. Their offices were burned, and because they do not support the Chinese Communist Party, American liberal media is now attacking them and calling them “pro-Trump newspaper” as a pejorative. NYT was recently caught lying to discredit them. It appears this is how New York Times is going to treat their rival, but people are finding out fast that The Epoch Times (487K YouTube subscribers) has a better product. They, too, have paid their dues with bans off Facebook for merely buying normal political ads.

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge had been around a decade (2009) before winning the Ban Trifecta in 2019 – Twitter, Google, and Facebook have all banned the publication at one time or another for daring to criticize social media platforms like Zuckerberg’s. Founded by Daniel Ivandjiiski and operated by  ABC Media Limited ( Bulgaria).  One of the signs that Zero Hedge publishes the truth is that it hits a big guy’s nerve. For myself, I’ve been very thankful to Zero Hedge (20K YouTube subscribers) for publishing some of the deep corruption discovered, without apology. Here’s a sample. As you can see, they are far from “right-wing radicals.”

PJ Media

PJ Media was founded as Pajamas Media in 2004 by Charles Johnson, the blogger behind Little Green Footballs, and screenwriter and producer Roger L. Simon, after Johnson’s contribution to the Killian documents’ controversy investigation in 2004, when former CBS news executive Jonathan Klein, said: “You couldn’t have a starker contrast between the multiple layers of checks and balances at 60 Minutes and a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas.” Viola, one of the biggest and best alt news formats, was born. You’ll find wonderfully unbiased, straightforward stories that normally are hidden by the mainstream on PJ. (Owned by “Townhall publications” which also owns Townhall, Hot Air, RedState, Twitchy, PJ Media, Bearing Arms, and Townhall Finance. They boast 24 million unique visits to their websites each month.

Before its News

Some have mistaken this publication for fake news, the usual labeling of “conspiracy site” by its competition, but of course, BIN has broken story after story that turns out to be factual. Now their reputation is improving for revealing the coronavirus facts early, much like Epoch Times, without the political overtones. It doesn’t have smooth production values, but it contains a lot of raw truth from different sources. Their website has had 1.17 Billion unique visits on 7.368 Million stories. There are no disclosures to ownership.

London Real

Founded in 2011 by Brian Rose (an American in London now running for mayor there), this podcasting website has two million subscribers. Their work in exposing fraud in the coronavirus pandemic is legendary. A lot of people are thankful to this website for publishing “banned” doctors who reported in 2020 about findings and changing protocols in the fight against the coronavirus “pandemic.” They have since been censored off mainstream social media platforms for discussing the various theories that arose from the newly “discovered” virus Covid-19. Many of these doctors have been vindicated since we see the numbers coming out in 2021, supporting their research analysis. Since banning some of their videos, the majority of their work is seen on their website, but still, London Real has 2.01 Million YT subscribers. Here is the link to gain access.

NTD News

Owned by Epoch Times has 1.33 Million YouTube subscribers. I didn’t know this when I first started watching it, but I was immediately hooked. They have a natural instinct for the stories I’m interested in. Unbiased reporting. The sets are a little stark but with good, straightforward newscasting in traditional style. Who knows what will be canceled next, so I’m using direct websites now. Maybe we all should. Youtube made me lazy because it was so easy finding everything in one place. But now that it appears they’re censoring everyone, I am going straight to the horse’s mouth on their own websites.

Russell Brand

B-list comedian-turned-pundit (2.87 Million YouTube subscribers) who appears to be left-leaning in his political philosophies and yet, discusses a lot of the same dirt we see exposed from the “far-right conspiracy theories.” Russell Brand, most notably the husband of Katy Perry, or rather, ex-husband, with a naughty reputation for a devil-may-care attitude, has settled down in his later years and taken the world seriously since it appears anyway that life and society have gone upside-down, and are funny enough without much commentary. Will Rogers would be proud of Russell for using the world political stage as his own comedy material. I’m finding him to be truthful, legitimately concerned, and seemingly genuine in reporting about the corrupted state of the world we’re in. Good show, Mister Brand. You’ll probably be canceled soon, and that will disappoint.

The Dan Bongino Show

Sometimes appearing on Fox News, Dan has interesting and different perspectives than other commentators and reporters, perhaps because of his background as a secret service agent, or the fact that he is very well-connected, or that he was also a NY cop. So don’t let the fact that he talks like a street thug fool you. Dan also has an education far above most. He has undergraduate and graduates degrees in psychology, an MBA on top of all that. His show does a consistently good job of breaking down some of the hidden details of what is going on in Washington, exposing media hoaxes every weekday. Dan isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves, dig into documents, analyze them, and then translate them to every man’s understanding. The ambitious Mister Bongino is also an author, one of his books is the most notably titled “Spygate,” chronicling the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign. He also owns The Bongino Report, a conservative direct competitor of the now-fallen Drudge Report. 778 YT subscribers, 1.4M Rumble subscribers.

X22 Report – A few weeks ago, YouTube banned what I believe to be one of the most respected and high-density, alternative broadcasting stations, with comprehensive information in a single source, featuring news about politics, governmental, central banking, and geopolitical news. Considering how many groups are banned now, it’s not surprising. X22 Report is many times where people start learning to go upstream for fresher insights. With slick production, it’s one of the few at the top of the heap willing to be straightforward and honest in their analysis of current market conditions and happenings with the economy and other relevant news of the day. So, no wonder. You’ll find X22 on Rumble, Clouthub, and Bitchute, and Telegram @x22reportofficial. Before they were removed, they had 141K YouTube subscribers. There are no disclosures to ownership. 

Steve Bannon’s War Room

Now suspended by Twitter and Youtube, the legendary Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, head of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, chief strategist and senior counselor to President Trump, along with Jack Maxey and Raheem Kassam, and dozens of field reporters, present political commentary on the day’s events. Unabashed criticisms, constant exposure of hypocrisies, agendas, foiled plans, little unnoticed facts, and raw political opinion. Real good, real free speech, and really banned for the truth, so see his website here or find him on Rumble, Bitchute, and Gab, as well as his own website here and here.

Black Conservative Patriot – Shockingly, this channel has yet to be banned (554K YouTube subscribers), but I’m sure YouTube will get around to it eventually because there’s way too much accuracy in these reports not to jangle the nerves of the deep state. Starting a couple of years ago, BCP has exploded in this last year, reaching over half-million loyal listeners. Black Conservative Patriot is a former Fortune 500 bank vice president with the expertise, degrees, and experience to analyze market conditions accurately and report on political happenings and the significance of today’s events. All while maintaining a family-friendly show with a warm, inviting feel and a broadcaster who clearly loves his country. The show is adorable, patriotic, and highly informative about what’s happening.

Conservative Resurgence

If you enjoy the “fed-up” world of conservative broadcasting like Rush Limbaugh, this sarcastic broadcaster always shows the irony of the happenings of the world, all while keeping you up to date with liberal hypocrisy and conservative failures, smacking the proverbial cyber face of the weak RINO parade, calling itself the Republican party. Plus, there’s always a little angry elephant charging the camera at the end, which in and of itself is such a wonderful symbol of what’s happening today with conservatives angry with the media and refusing to take any more. It will warm your heart. Update: As I write this, Conservative Resurgence has earned its five stars from me for getting a ban off Youtube. They have moved to Bitchute for starters, and here’s their latest broadcast here.

You Are Free TV

You should be angry about this channel’s disappearance off YouTube. As I write this, it’s gone. However, never fear! We found them here on Rumble, Gab, and Bitchute.

The anonymous lady who made this network is the hardest working in the business. Making sense of the headlines and connecting the dots, she’s been running “You Are Free TV,” a program that’s been broadcasting since 2017, with small, devoted sponsors, mostly from the health industry. You’ll find this deep-diving, pragmatic, informative show puts many things together for you easy, like 2+2, pointing you to where you can corroborate facts from verifiable information. American Intelligence Media and other broadcasters will sometimes pick up on her ‘news’ and credit her for it. No idea how many thousands of subscribers Free had before she was axed from YT.

American Intelligence Media

The people who run this are former workers in the White House, NSA, and other intel agencies, with a large team of researchers, and their information network is pervasive. You’ll find them on YouTube, but you’ll see a larger part of their work on their website because of the censorship. If you are looking for a reliable, verifiable deeper dive, AIM evidently has the connections, the cash, and the time to do incredible research that leads to some of the most eye-popping connections and conclusions you’ll ever hear. These patriotic people work tirelessly to trace all kinds of information that exposes the deep state by methods such as following bank records, invisible money flows, secret meetings, hidden agendas, real identities/names of people at the top (a lot of them change their names!) and things you’ll never, ever see even in the normal alternative press. There are no disclosures to ownership. 

Sarah Westall

Sarah Westall is what I call a “brain burn” to listen to because just the enormity of the information in one show can be draining. But it’s worth it. Sarah is one of the most connected, aware movers and shakers in the world, and has been on the forefront of medicine and technology, in exposing the dirt that has been going on behind the scenes, that impacts the average American, for many years. She bravely interviews people who you would never hear from in the mainstream, who hold vast amounts of information about drugs, procedures, new technologies, warnings, and disasters in the making, with policies about health. A very hard-working broadcaster, her archives are worth going the extra mile and digging into. Here’s an example with a whistleblower who is testifying to the elderly dying from vaccines in nursing homes.

Bill Whittle’s Stratosphere

Deeper philosophical insights into today’s headlines, Bill Whittle and his brilliant observations with two other compatriots, Scott Ott and Steve Green, are featured in a three-talking head lineup. It is always entertaining and with a fresh angle to view the latest trends and happenings, with a distinctly American, Conservative, common sense viewpoint. Here is the link.

Awaken with JP

A comedic look at what’s going on today, news and politics, blended into humor. The mystery of JP is to wonder which side he’s on. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s a centrist, but either way, he’s a master at mocking both sides of the political spectrum while bringing in all the latest topics to the broadcast in one way or another… and that’s what keeps many people coming back. JP’s following has grown dramatically in the last year, as he’s been getting more exposure. I think censoring him on YouTube has only served to make people more aware of him and made him more desirable as entertainment.

The NPC Show

Frank is a young Southern Californian who runs the NPC Show (74.1K, YouTube subscribers), a highly entertaining way to get the scoop on what’s happening in the world of corruption today. Focusing on Hollywood, human trafficking, the big news in Washington DC, and other relevant facts surrounding today’s news, Frank reads the headlines and comments from his special perspective. Frank is another one who will show video clips, and photos will show articles and sources for his statements of fact.

The Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit has an erroneous reputation by the mainstream as a “far-right conspiracy” like most good, solid, truthful publishers outside of the mainstream get labeled this way as a warfare method against their competition. The fact is Gateway Pundit is a good publication with American values that are unapologetic in its reporting, but it is solid facts and not the least bit “x-filesy” whatsoever. It does no deep dives or any sort of revealing of secrets. It merely reports the news. For example, it shows President Trump’s latest speech at CPAC. But since YouTube banned President Trump’s CPAC speech, what would you expect?

Overcoming the censorship of big tech media can be challenging. Please note that even with this list, one should always validate and review the content with discernment. We hope this list will help you as a guide to the latest alternative newscasters and vlogosphere/blogosphere that may help make sense of the media landscape.

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