More than 500 illegal immigrants apprehended in 24-hour period along single Texas sector

MISSION, TX – According to reports,  Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents wound up apprehending over 500 illegal immigrants in a 24-hour period in Texas – with one single group consisting of 130 illegal immigrants. 

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings shared the details of the apprehensions that occurred on February 24th via Twitter, writing the following: 

“Last night, RGV agents arrested a group of 130 illegal aliens in Mission, TX. In less than a 24 hour period, this area alone saw more than 500 illegal entries. The majority of the illegal entries consisted of families and unaccompanied alien children.”

One of the groups that Chief Patrol Agent Hastings mentioned consisted of 130 individuals apprehended, which was reportedly, “comprised primarily of families and unaccompanied alien children.”

In a statement regarding said large group, a release by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection noted: 

“McAllen Border Patrol Station agents working near Mission, Texas, encountered a group of 130 illegal aliens comprised primarily of families and unaccompanied alien children.”

“Agents determined the subjects to be citizens of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Large groups of illegal aliens traveling together have become a common occurrence in the RGV.”

“Border Patrol will process all subjects accordingly.”

One of the more interesting busts that occurred within the sector that day consisted of approximately 36 illegal immigrants, which were reportedly apprehended after intel gathered by agents led them to, “a possible stash house located in Edinburg.”

In an effort to assist with the matter, the Border Patrol had enlisted the assistance of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office during the investigation into the stash house.

CBP officials in a press release noted the following about the apprehensions achieved via the stash house bust: 

“As authorities arrived at the suspected stash house, they observed several subjects attempting to flee the residence.  Upon entry, they discovered 36 illegal aliens confined to a small area.”

“Further investigation revealed two individuals had flu like symptoms and another person claimed to suffer from epilepsy. All subjects were medically evaluated on scene.”

“The subjects claimed to be from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.”

What was most concerning about the stash house bust wasn’t just relating to the presence of unlawfully present immigrants – but the conditions that were cited by immigrations officials

People inside of the stash house were said to have been held in close quarters, with the area littered with trash on the ground, and without access to electricity. 

In the press release related to the conditions of the stash house, it was said that the inhabitants were subjected to what are, “by no means, considered adequate living conditions.”

Others from the group of illegal immigrants located at the stash house were said to have tried constructing, “makeshift accommodations under nearby trees,” due to how full the stash house was. 

Overall, the operation of this illegal stash house was referred to as “unsanitary” and a public “health risk” due to the pandemic: 

“The unsanitary health conditions of the stash house and surroundings, create a potential health risk to responding law enforcement agencies, to include the general public as we continue to manage the COVID pandemic.”

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Speaking of immigration issues, we at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on just how little the topic of “kids in cages” seems to be cropping up with the new administration in office. 

This is, of course, despite the fact that these very practices are still ongoing. 

Here’s that previous report. 


Remember the media outrage when Customs and Border Patrol under the Trump administration held unaccompanied minor illegal alien children in holding facilities?

Of course, when Trump was president, they were referred to as “cages.”

Now, the exact same facilities are referred to as holding or “overflow” facilities and the media has been largely silent.

In fact, according to the CBP union, the Biden administration is illegally holding the children longer than legally allowed, according to the head of that union. Yet the media says nothing, because it’s “their guy” who’s doing it. 

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council told Breitbart Texas that as of last Monday, CBP held over 800 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) in custody.

Legally, they are only permitted to be held for 72 hours, then must be released to other federal agencies. Judd said that over 212 were held in custody longer than what is legally permitted.

“Today, [White House Press Secretary] Jen Psaki said the Administration could not hold the children in other locations due to the Covid protocols including social distancing,” Judd told Breitbart.

“But what she didn’t tell the media was that the children in [Border Patrol’s} custody were being held in conditions that have nearly no way to social distance.”

Psaki’s remarks came after she was pressed by Fox News’ White House Correspondent Peter Doocy, who questioned the difference between the Trump era “cages” and the facilities in which the migrant children were now being held. Forbes tweeted a video of the exchange:

Judd made it clear that the Biden administration is keeping unaccompanied minors in Border Patrol custody for a longer period than law permits in conditions where it is not possible to maintain social distancing in order to maintain that ability in other federal facilities.

‘The hypocrisy from the left and the mainstream media shows they care nothing for the children they were using as pawns to attack President Trump,” Judd said.

“Today Jen Psaki said, ‘Customs and Border Control’ [not Customs and Border Protection] continue to transfer unaccompanied children to HHS’ Office of Refugee and Resettlement (ORR),” the Border Patrol union leader explained.

“She went to great lengths that due to the pandemic and social distancing, ORR only has capacity for a certain number of children.”

“What she didn’t explain is that the children that ORR doesn’t have the capacity to take are left in facilities far worse than those of HHS,” Judd continued.

“In fact, they are being held in the same locations they accused the Trump Administration of inhuman acts when they said he was holding ‘kids in cages.’”

One person who wasn’t happy when the Trump administration put children in detention facilities who was no less unhappy with the decision by the Biden administration is Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez slammed the decision by the Biden administration, saying:

“This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay—no matter the administration or party.”

The increase in apprehension of unaccompanied minors is causing problems for the Biden administration, clearly of its own doing.

Biden signaled prior to November’s election that it would be “doors wide open” for anyone wishing to enter the United States were he elected president.

Once that happened, the floodgates started to open.

The number of Unaccompanied Alien Children illegally crossing the southern border is increasing every month, according to reports from CBP officials.

For example, in January 2021, Border Patrol officers apprehended 5,871 unaccompanied minors, an increase from the 4,995 apprehended in December 2020, while less than 3,100 were apprehended in January 2020.

Breitbart Texas said they reached out to CBP and the Border Patrol for confirmation of the number of migrants currently being held, and how long they are being held for. No official reply was received by Breitbart as of their publication date.

Criticism of the Biden administration came from all quarters.

The Washington Examiner reported that Linda Brandmiller, a Texas immigration lawyer slammed the administration’s action.

“It’s unnecessary, it’s costly, and it goes absolutely against everything [President] Biden promised he was going to do,” Brandmiller said. “It’s a step backward, is what it is, it’s a huge step backward.”

The outlet reported that dozens of migrant teenagers were interred at the facility on Monday because permanent holding facilities are dealing with lower capacity limits during the coronavirus pandemic, while a slew of unaccompanied children are attempting to cross the border.

However with limited exceptions, the selective outrage that blew up in 2019 when the Carrizo Springs temporary detention facility opened under the Trump administration, is nowhere to be found this time.

This is especially true on mainstream media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and of course the late-night talking morons, Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon and Noah. The silence is deafening.

At that time for example, the senior policy director for the Children’s Defense Fund of Texas, Cheasty Anderson said, “This is a travesty and a crime against humanity. We must raise our voices and cry out with one voice today, tomorrow and everyday until this is over.”

In fact, that facility generated so much partisan selective outrage that employees of Wayfair, the online furniture retailer actually walked out of work in protest after it was revealed Wayfair had sold $200,000 in beds and other furniture to the facility.

“We’re walking out in protest of our leadership’s decision to sell to reprehensible concentration camps,’ said one employee at the time.

“We had hoped that raising awareness would be enough for them to do the right thing, but it wasn’t. We want to make it clear that this is not a political issue—it’s a humanitarian issue, and we will not back down.”

Unless it’s a Democrat that’s making the decisions. Then it’s no longer a humanitarian issue, just a partisan political one apparently.

However despite the criticism leveled at the facilities under the Trump administration, current Department of Health and Human Services spokesman Mark Weber noted that children placed in the facility receive good care, which has not changed with the change in administrations.

‘If we could find another way, that’d be great,” Weber said.

“On the flip side, these kids just come in, and they’re turned loose on the street—they end up being homeless kids.”

Still, there are some who were opposed to the facilities in 2019 and are still opposed today.

One such person is community activist Rosey Abuabara from San Antonio. She wonders if the reopening of the facility means that not much has changed with the approach between Trump and Biden.

“When I read they were opening again, I cried,” she said. “I consoled myself with the fact that it was considered the Cadillac of [migrant child] centers, but I don’t have any hope that Biden is going to make it better.”

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