The Breakup Of The Right: A Premonition Of Violence?

Have you ever felt like you’ve been pushed to your breaking point and you just can’t take anymore?

Of course, you have. We all have—and when we get there, sometimes we just want to scream.

Scream out of anger… out of frustration… out of the need to have an emotional catharsis from the pressure of being at the end of your rope.

For the past couple of years now, conservatives have been relentlessly attacked simply for having Conservative views.

The Left has done a GREAT job making the world believe that the Right is racist, bigoted, sexist, and homophobic, full of people who want to keep “straight white people” at the top and “straight white men” in power.

But the Left is dead wrong…and the fact that they KEEP saying it makes me angry.

I don’t care what color, sex, or religion your or who you share a bed with…

If you have America’s best interests at heart—interests that should ALL be based in liberty—then I want you to run for office and do your best to make those interests into reality.

Oh…and the VAST majority of Conservatives share that way of thinking.

So, the reason it’s so maddening that the Left labels Conservatives these things and more is because it’s not true…and anytime you’re accused of something that isn’t true, it’ll drive you to your breaking point.

Pushed To The Edge

We’re seeing this among some on the Right, especially groups like the Proud Boys and III%—groups that have both been unfairly labeled as racist, bigoted, and even terroristic simply due to their alignment with Conservative values. And all those unfair attacks are bringing some to their breaking point.

They’ve seen that no matter what happens, no matter what they do, no matter how many times they prove that they’re none of the things they’re accused of being…the Left doesn’t stop.

And now, it’s dividing these groups into different factions—some more extreme than others—and that’s scary.

Rita Katz, the executive director of a group that monitors online extremism said, “The Proud Boys has become a dirty name and some of the Proud Boys’ members are trying to distance themselves but they still need the infrastructure to set up and bring people over to these new groups and causes. The Proud Boys are being watched, and they know that. As a result, many of them – including some looking to get into politics – are distancing themselves from the Proud Boys brand and organizing under different names.”

And it’s a shame, because the Proud Boys started as a joke meant to be the antithesis to ANTIFA.

It was the Left that made them into a legitimate Right-leaning organization with their hate and scrutiny—and it’s that same hate and scrutiny that is forcing some to become more radicalized in their thinking.

That’s what makes this the scariest outcome imaginable.

Why A Radicalize Right Is Terrifying


Because these aren’t a bunch of ANTIFA members with blue hair sitting in their mom’s basement talking about “workers unite.”

These are men and women who know their weapons, know tactics, and know how to use them.

This moment is exactly what they’ve been training for…

And some of them have been secretly wanting it to happen for a long time.

This is not good for America and it’s definitely not good for Conservatism, even though I can understand why these people have been driven to this point.

We need to avoid violence at all costs.

Because if the Right-leaning groups start going on the rampage, then they’re going to do damage—REAL damage—and it’ll be the type of thing that destroys the foundation of America.

It’s a fine line between protecting freedom and become the arbiters of freedom, choosing who gets it and who doesn’t.

However, with the policies that Joe Biden and the Democrats keep pushing out, I don’t see this getting better; I see it getting worse.

So, please, if you’re one of those that feel violence is the only answer to what is happening in our country: Stop, and truly think about what you’re doing.

We can’t be the side that starts a second Civil War…

That will help the Left make the case that they were correct about us being fascists all along.

America CAN get through this…

We just need to find a way.


“I think right now is the time to go ahead and overthrow the government by becoming the new government and running for office.” – Enrique Tarrio, Proud Boys National President

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Author: Shawn Ambrosino

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