Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

Whistleblowers in Germany have come forward with video showing residents being held down and forced to take the Covid vaccine against their wishes.

Lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, said:

“One of them was a runner, in his late 70s, or WAS a runner, I should say, who was also an opera singer. He outran one of the nurses who is in her mid 30s. He was still singing operas on the day that he got vaccinated. After he got vaccinated, a couple of days later, he died. So this opera singer, doesn’t sing anymore.”

Now they’re getting more calls from other whistleblowers in nursing homes from around the world, including the United States.

“We are getting more and more calls from other whistleblowers from other nursing homes in this country, plus we’re getting information from other countries, Sweden for example, Norway for example, Gibraltar for example, there are also incidents in England and in the United States that match these descriptions.”

Attorney Fuellmich is not afraid to say where this evidence takes us:

“It means that people are dying because of the vaccines. What we are seeing in this video clip is worse than anything we ever expected. If this is representative for what’s going on in the other nursing homes, and in other countries, then we have a very serious problem. And so do the people who make the vaccines, so do the people who administer the vaccines. It looks more and more as though we’re dealing with homicide, and maybe even murder.”

The horrific experiments and genocide that happened in Germany were condemned during the Nuremburg trials, and it’s clear that these experimental injections, when given to people without informed consent and against their will, are violating basic human rights.

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