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I want to take the opportunity to talk personally with you for a moment, because we have been here. I work hard every day to research, find truth, investigate, expose and bring it to you as real as I can, every single day. It’s a little out of the usual format for this program, but I have to admit, it’s long overdue. We have been here, over and over again talking about the cancel culture. We’ve addressed the inconsistencies related to the reporting of positive cases and deaths amid the pandemic, we’ve talked about mandates, shutdowns, social distancing and business closures. We’ve talked about the politicizing of our law enforcement, scandals, criminal allegations involving child sex trafficking among the groups of people our children are supposed to look up to the most, Hollywood actors and so-called leaders in our country.

We have highlighted many times how detrimentally dangerous this is to our future generations, and what psychological effect this is having not only on adults, but for our children.

We’ve addressed the questions about the 2020 presidential election, and we’ve seen executive orders and actions signed by Joe Biden at record smashing pace that destroy jobs, jeopardize national security, make better lives for those here illegally than the lives of tax-paying citizens of the United States.

There is, no doubt, an unprecedented amount of anxiety, stress and depression that goes along with these things, and I can hear it in your tone. I see your messages on Telegram, I read your emails and I listen to people talk. I see the amount of stress on people’s faces, and you may have seen it on mine.

Folks, I have made it abundantly clear, especially recently, how much I care about you. I care about this country, and that’s because I’m vested. I have three kids that I love and care about more than any words could ever describe. If you’re a dedicated and involved parent, you know what I’m talking about. It’s because I care that I’m here to be vulnerable. I’m not a weak person. I’m a fighter and I will never cower in the face of adversity or those that wish to bring harm to my family or this country. That I can promise you, but the reaction to the feelings of others has to be the foundation of the message for the entire team moving forward. The America First movement, the military, the police, the Conservative values all come down to the ability to effectively communicate, and the most important part of communicating is listening. Actively listening. Actually listening.

These are very scary times for those that we care about the most. The most precious gifts from God are being set up for their innocence to be taken advantage of as they’re indoctrinated into political ideology long before an appropriate age, they’re being taught that mommy and daddy are bad or dangerous people if they don’t wear masks or if they voted for President Donald Trump last November.

I just need to talk to you. I want you to know that the darkest times in someone’s life, the most adversity you or I could ever face…these are the times that we are tested. Our faith is tested. Our moral compass is tested, and we don’t always pass the test. We make mistakes. Huge mistakes. We make choices because we care, and because we are more often now than ever in an elevated emotional state, we sometimes take action before we think about it. We say things we don’t mean. We hurt people inadvertently. We take advantage of friendships and take our most valued relationships for granted. We lose sight of what’s really important, because we have been programmed to believe that something could or should be more important than what really matters. Does that make sense?

You’re not alone. I’m right there with you. We are imperfect people looking for the perfect solution. Every day of our lives. If you’re not willing to admit that, you’re either perfect or you’re a liar. That’s not meant to be a slam, but we lie to ourselves, inadvertently, every single day. We tell ourselves we can do this, or we got this. But if we don’t take the time to strengthen ourselves, we can’t properly strengthen others. It’s just not possible. If you don’t love yourself, if you’re not proud of you, how can anyone else genuinely love or be proud of you?

We want someone to tell us that Lin Wood’s case was heard by the Supreme Court and that action is going to be taken in reference to the election. We want to hear that the virus is under control, and it’s ok to reopen your business, gather with your family and take the kids on vacation. We want to immediately repair marital issues, cure addictions and do everything we can to make those that we love happy, every single day because we are passionate people that genuinely care about the mental health and success of those closest to us. We pick up weapons and charge into battles not knowing the strength or coordination of the efforts of the enemy, or who the enemy even is.

Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you that that’s ok. That’s a good thing. It’s okay to admit that you’re struggling to stay positive because that means that you really care about something. That’s an indication of values, morals and conviction. That means that you deny rejection, you recognize evil and you would do anything to shield your loved ones from harm.

Sometimes we take action without a clear head. Sometimes we do things, more often than not, out of immediate reaction, rather than stopping to think, or more importantly stopping to pray and ask God for direction. We have to stop that. We have to make the commitment to each other, to our families, to our loved ones and friends that we aren’t going to try to take matters into our own hands, and that individual efforts are hopeless and won’t get anything accomplished. On a football field, for example, a team can play as eleven individuals, or they can play as one well-oiled machine. One team. One unit working together, and then and only then will they find success.

The point is, we all need support systems, and when we feel that we have lost that support, everything seems dark and we get into a tailspin of free falling and feel like the chips are stacked so high against us, that no matter the hand we are holding, we can never win.

Talking to the people we love, rather than talking at them can make such a huge difference in the effectiveness of the message, and that’s the whole message that our elected representatives have forgotten or ignored. This is the method of thinking that progressives and communists want us to turn away, because you’re not supposed to be able to think for yourself. You’re not supposed to be able to reason or think critically, and on your own. And by doing this, the nuclear family structure is easily destroyed, the self-medicating and addictions become out of control, families fall apart, then comes the divorce and the fight for custody of the children that we are supposed to be protecting, but inadvertently hurt the most.

We need to downsize our talk. We need to shrink the platform goals, so that the individuals can, once again, become a team. The people that are going to struggle with this idea the most are people just like me. Men, specifically men with alpha or ‘type A’ personalities are going to have a really hard time being able to admit that they can communicate more effectively. We are the guys that want to be thought of as the guys that have it all under control, no matter how badly it’s really falling apart, and mostly because of our own unintentional self-sabotage.

But here’s where we separate real winning over television ratings and social media likes, echoes and retweets. Here’s where we determine who the real leaders are, rather than accepting the leader we are told to follow. Here’s where real men are made, and where God does his most effective work. Action. Action over words. The way you talk is far less important than the way you walk.

The reason we are struggling so miserably as a country isn’t some big secret. These aren’t the people I just mentioned that will find success. These phony fakes in Washington and most of them at the state, county and local levels are not in this because of the team. They aren’t really thinking about family values and what’s really important. They aren’t humble, they aren’t honest, and none of them will admit when they’re wrong because they’re not in tune with what’s really important and they’re not filled with the spirit of God.

Think about that in the most simplest of terms…our country was founded as one nation under God.

I have recently been grabbed by my legs, held upside down and been violently shaken by God. I’ve been brought all the way to my knees and I’ve never been so clear in my thoughts. I’ve never known, in my entire life, more clearly than I know now what I need to change and how simple it is to change it.

We cannot conquer the enemy, we cannot win the battle and have no chance at victory in war if we cannot ignore our individual pride and have the real courage to address what’s happening inside of what we see when we look in the mirror.


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