Rush Is Right Kathryn Rogers Limbaugh is an Angel, Saying “He Was Your Rush”, While Hosting Monday’s Show

On Monday, Mark Steyn hosted a special edition show highlighting Rush’s two greatest loves, his fans and his wife, Kathryn Rogers Limbaugh.  Rogers-Limbaugh was on the show for the first hour, answered questions, was gracious, elegant, and thoughtful while embracing Rush’s fans, and hearing about their loss.  Like the announcement she made of Rush’s death on Wednesday, she was a great comfort to Rush’s massive fan base.

“Thank you so much; it has been a difficult time as it has been for everyone, we know he is looking down from Heaven, and that gives us comfort. Planning a virtual memorial service, because of covid so we can not do an in-person event, and we want people to have an opportunity to celebrate Rush’s life, in the upcoming weeks,” Kathryn said.

Kathryn told Steyn that she met Rush through golf, telling the story that she worked for Gary Player, running his foundation organizing a golf tournament.

“Rush was introduced to me as an A-lister to invite to the tournament, and I put him down on B or C, based on what I thought I knew of him from the left media,” she said with good humor.

“I did end up inviting him, and I remember when he walked in, he was humble and kind, and that just moved me.  He taught me not to believe the media about him.  We were friends for many years, and we were close before we got married. If he is listening to me right now- he won’t be happy about admitting that the media swayed me,” she said, joking a little.  “Rush was extraordinary in every way.”


Dan in Carson City, Nevada, holding back the tears, spoke about the power of listening to Rush on the radio.

“I was so lost, and in the first 5 mins, but I felt him emotionally.  He was like a Father figure to me. He helped us feel the words he was saying, and we could put those words into our lives.  We feel lost again. I still have my bumper sticker that says Rush is Right”.

“Rush for all of us, for me, and all of you; he is a family member. When I came on the show and made the announcement, I felt like I was sharing the news with family.  I do understand the pain you are all going through.  He is very sad that we are suffering now, but he is happy knowing that we will find a way to honor Rush and what he stood for,” she said.


“Can you tell us about having Elton John at your wedding?”

Kathryn shared fond memories of Elton John, who she refers to as “Sir Elton John,” and who sung at their Wedding.

“Rush and Sir Elton John kept in touch, and it was a wonderful friendship. There are similarities between the two that may not come across to people.”

“We had many favorites, but the song Your Song was our favorite,” she said.

” Here is some inside baseball I played that for him in his last days.  We enjoyed it together,” Kathyrn said.


I am so nervous the caller said.

“As Rush would say, you don’t sound nervous,” Kathryn said.

“I want to talk to Rush, but if I can’t, I am going to talk to his best girl.  Thank you for sharing him with us. I am so grateful to Rush for the Rush Revere books,” the caller said. “Will they still be available?”

“First of all, I am very sorry for your loss; this is a loss for all of us.  I can hear in your voice your loss.  We were dedicated to those books for America’s children.  We came up with the book idea in Hawai, and he loved the idea of making complex American ideas for children.  Yes, they will continue on,” Kathryn said.


“I wish God would let us listen to the show he is having in Heaven,” the caller asked.

“Yes,” she asked.

“Could you tell us about his schedule a little?” the caller asked.

“Rush was a creature of habit, and he was very organized. If I asked what time to be ready, he would say something like 12:17 instead of 12:15,” she said by chuckling a little thinking about.

“8 AM he take a shower, feed his cat Allie, head to the show about 8:30, and start his show prep.  He never stopped working.  He would have a small amount of downtime, but then he would start looking at different tech blogs or news sites. He was always working.  He loved working. He was so brilliant he always had to be learning or reading something,” she said.

Kathryn revealed that she was the main author of the beloved time travel History book “Rush Revere” history series, although she always pointed back to Rush, not wanting to take any credit for the series without her co-author.

“We are co-authors, and we had so much fun with it.  Rush is the voice behind Liberty, the Talking Horse. Our old Sheepdog Abbie is the inspiration for Liberty.  We wanted children to know about American history in a fun way,” she told Steyn.


The caller talked about Winston Churchill.

“I would often tell Rush that he was America’s, Winston Churchill.  The Comparison is so accurate and how we should go forward,” Kathryn said.

“Rush always said that it was not time to panic, that he would let us know when it was- and this is not time to panic.  There will be no other Rush Limbaugh, but we will find ways to remember him in our lives, she told the caller.


“We needed this time together.  I found him by accident in 1988. He was right about everything.  Thank you for doing this show for us.  Letting us be with others. I got condolences calls from friends because people knew how much I loved him, “The caller said.

“He is your Rush, and he is all our Rush – we will have heavy hearts, but his work will live on,” Kathryn said.

“And as far as people saying mean things about him, Rush’s army is able to share the things about him that show he was brilliant and unique and good,” she said.

Kathyrn stayed on for a second hour with Steyn, who said that the Rush Limbaugh show was not going anywhere, that they were staying in that time slot for “all the days ahead”.

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