BREAKING: Microsoft and Big Tech Create Alliance to Censor “Disinformation” Online!

Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

Microsoft and other Big Tech companies formed an alliance for fighting “disinformation.” The  members are Truepic, Intel, BBC, Adobe, and Arm.

Disinformation has become a justification to censor in this digital age.  It’s now very easy for people to formulate and spread falsehoods, according to the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.

Microsoft wrote in a blog post announcing the coalition., “There’s a critical need to address widespread deception in online content — now supercharged by advances in AI and graphics and diffused rapidly via the internet. Our imperative as researchers and technologists is to create and refine technical and sociotechnical approaches to this grand challenge of our time. We’re excited about methods for certifying the origin and provenance of online content. It’s an honor to work alongside Adobe, BBC and other C2PA members to take this critical work to the next step,” 

According to Microsoft, the C2PA will “develop content provenance specifications for common asset types and formats to enable publishers, creators and consumers to trace the origin and evolution of a piece of media, including images, videos, audio and documents.”

Bill Gates has been a supporter of censorship.

During an interview at the Wall Street Journal Summit, Gates complained that the suggestions for suppressing conspiracy theories and “misinformation” on Big Tech platforms are “less creative than we need at this point” and called for “smart solutions.”

Gates bemoaned what he said was a human “weakness” for “titillating things” such as claims that the coronavirus is man-made or “that there’s some conspiracy.”

Gates added:

“That stuff spreads so much faster than the truth which is, you know, it comes from a bat, you know, we’re still trying to figure out the exact path of transmission.” Gates said. “You don’t forward that the same that way you would the conspiracy.”

Truepic has made big strides in content verification. C2PA will be built off Truepic’s technologies, including the hardware-secured photo capture technology.

Truepic said in a statement, “Truepic was founded on the principle that provenance-based media authenticity is the only viable, scalable long-term solution to restoring trust in what we see online. We firmly believe that ecosystem-wide adoption through an open standard is crucial to the long-term health of the internet. The C2PA will streamline the distribution of high-integrity digital content at scale, a vital step in restoring society’s shared sense of reality,” 

The C2PA will develop technologies that can be adopted by all online platforms.

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