BREAKING: US Military Does Not Have To Take Orders From An Illegitimate President!

Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

The question is, does the military have to listen to an illegitimate president?

As a former military officer, we were educated on what is a legal and illegal order from a superior.

An officer of the United States military does not have to follow an illegal order.

Nazi concentration camp guards during the Nuremberg trials after WWII tried to use the excuse they were ‘just following orders’. This excuse did not work, for to enact genocide against a race of people by the millions, is not a legal order. They were prosecuted, convicted, and hanged.

They were prosecuted for their illegal actions. After the massacre in Vietnam, American soldiers were prosecuted.

American soldiers have been prosecuted from the forever wars in the Middle East for war crimes. Other Western nations have followed suit. An army cannot exist without good order and discipline.

An military without good order and discipline cannot protect the nation it is formed to serve.

Fast forward to the present. We now have an illegitimate government, placed in illegal power by a coup, a stolen election that included cyber warfare from a foreign enemy — the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Read Peter Navarro’s excellent three evidentiary reports here. And Patrick Byrne’s cyber warfare evidence here.

What if this illegitimate government gives an order to inflict harm against our own citizens?

In this scenario, patriotic officers and soldiers would be given the task of harming their own families, harming their own people, via an order from a Commander-in-Chief who was installed with the help of a Deep State beholden to the CCP.

This is why we are experiencing the ‘information operation’ to paint Trump supporters as domestic terrorists…all 80 million of them. Half the damn country!

Evidence has been presented that approximately two million votes were switched on the night of Nov 3rd, 2020, with 60% of those change originating from China. The rest were executed via other countries, most likely via proxy servers.

Does an American military officer have to follow an illegal order? The answer is no. Does an American military officer have to follow an order from an illegitimate government, installed by communist China? The answer is obviously no. Will an American military officer be held accountable for following an order from an illegitimate government installed by communist China? I believe the answer will eventually be yes.

Patriots are working hard to uncover more and more evidence of election fraud across the country from the 2020 general election. As this comes out, the situation will become more and more clear for those military officers currently holding line authority from the Commander-in-Chief.

Our soldiers will soon face a very difficult choice. This is why the Biden administration is so dead set on removing American patriots from the armed forces, and why it is so very important for patriots to stay right where they are.

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