Broadway dance instructor featured on ‘Dance Moms’ arrested for sexual battery of teenage girls

ORANGE COUNTY, FL– A dance instructor who appeared on the television show “Dance Moms” has been arrested on felony charges including sexual battery and multiple counts of sexual misconduct of two students.

According to court records, Kevin Anton Cosculluela, 25, was taken into custody in Orange County on seven felony charges. He is also facing counts for the solicitation of a minor and lewd and lascivious conduct.

The 25-year-old dancer has since plead guilty to all charges. According to an arrest warrant, the dancer is accused of sexually abusing a pair of underage students in 2020. One of the students told authorities that as she became more comfortable with Cosculluela, they switched to talking through the app, Snapchat.

She has alleged that her former instructor eventually managed to get her to come over to his apartment, where she engaged in oral sex with him on two different occasions. The other teenage girl claimed that things never got physical with Cosculluela.

However, she did say that he repeatedly solicited nudes from her and that he climbed on top of her while they were in his bed. She noted that they were both clothed and did not have sex at the time.

Both of the dancer’s allege that in September and December of 2020 they took private lessons with Cosculluela at Peaches Dance and Music before their interactions with him became inappropriate. 

According to the arrest warrant filed with the court, one victim told officials that she viewed Cosculluela as someone “famous, important, and influential.” The warrant said:

“She explained that Kevin is a ‘celebrity’ dancer and was on a television show called, Dance Moms and Broadway.”

Both victims allege that Cosculluela got verbally abusive and scary when they declined his sexual advances. According to the warrant:

“One victim explained that Kevin would threaten to take away lessons, ignore her during lessons, yell at her, swear at her and not speak to her for days if she didn’t do what he wanted. She said that if affected her greatly when he ignored her during her dance lessons because of how important she viewed him.”

After the students opened up about the alleged misconduct, Cosculluela was fired from Peaches Dance and Music. The case against him is scheduled to go to trial in May 2021. 

In an unrelated incident, former NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested on February 15th. According to reports, he has been accused of knocking a nightclub bouncer unconscious. Jones has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

The former star is accused of punching and kicking a man named Kevin Streets in the head until he was unconscious. Streets is a security guard at the club where the attack happened. No other details on what sparked the attack have been given. 

Throughout his 12-year career with the NFL, Jones was repeatedly in trouble with the law. He missed the entire 2007 season after a shooting incident in Las Vegas and was arrested in 2017 for allegedly “pushing and poking” a security guard in the eye outside a hotel in Cincinnati. 

Just before his retirement in 2019, he was busted for allegedly threatening cops after he was accused of cheating at an Indiana casino. He spent nearly two weeks in jail for those charges. He also made headlines in 2018 for a wild caught-on-camera brawl with an airline employee. 

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Convicted sex offender who ran private jet business busted for trying to sell underage girls for sex in the sky

December 7th, 2020

NEW YORK, NY – In a police operation, a convicted sex offender who ran a small private jet business was busted for attempting to arrange underage girls for sex on his airline

The airline manager, Paul Alexander, is accused of attempting to sell young girls to those traveling on the airline for the purposes of having sex with them.  Alexander is accused of providing at least two underage girls to a customer for the sole purposes of having sex with them.

Alexander was arrested for trafficking children across state lines during the months long criminal investigation known as “Operation Mile High.” 

The investigation into Alexander began in March when another underage victim reported to the New York Police Department that she had been trafficked and abused by Alexander.

Based on her information, the police launched an undercover operation designed to catch Alexander in the act and gather enough evidence against him so that he will serve significant jail time. 

Throughout the investigation, police were able to utilize covert recording devices, social media along with undercover operations which determined that Alexander was using his airline to traffic minor children across state lines for the purposes of sex. 

Police introduced an undercover agent into the operation known only as John who met with Alexander.  The police hoped that Alexander would take the bait and allow for them to be able to arrest him before he hurt another child.

The agent was able to make Alexander believe that he wanted to engage in sexual activities with young girls. 

Alexander, who believed the agent was wanting to have sex with the underaged girls, told him that he could do so if he paid him $300 for sex with a twelve-year-old and a 14-year-old girl.

Alexander also allegedly told the undercover detective that the girls would be more subjective to the sexual abuse if he used marijuana and alcohol with them to lower their inhibitions. 

Of course, thankfully, the man who Alexander was charging was really an undercover police officer who, instead of wanting to have sex with underage girls, really wanted to arrest Alexander for his alleged crimes.

Alexander was arrested without incident and was arraigned on December 5th in Bronx County Criminal Court on several charges of sex trafficking of a child, attempted sex trafficking of a child, related counts of first- and second-degree promoting prostitution, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.   

Since Alexander is currently a level 3 registered sex offender, it is highly doubtful that the judge assigned to the case will take pity on him.

Alexander faces upwards of 50 years in prison for all of the charges if he were to be convicted in court.   New York Attorney General Letita James, in speaking of the charges, said:

“There is nothing more reprehensible than sexually exploiting a child. 

This individual’s alleged actions jeopardized the health and safety of our children and highlighted the critical need for these new protections that strengthen our ability to hold perpetrators accountable for these gross violations of law.

“I thank the NYPD for their partnership in this investigation, and I will continue to use all the tools at my office’s disposal to hold accountable those who seek to abuse children.”

The NYPD Police Commissioner, Dermot Shea, said:

“The NYPD and our law enforcement partners share a commitment to protect the survivors of child trafficking, and we will continue to fight on behalf of our society’s most vulnerable individuals. 

I thank and commend the NYPD detectives involved in this investigation and the New York State Office of the Attorney General for their efforts to ensure child predators are taken off our streets. 

The NYPD will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to eradicate the trafficking of children in our city and work to bring justice to victims of these heinous crimes.”

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Former teacher pleads guilty to having sex with teen sisters during ‘erotic sleepovers’, won’t have to register as sex offender

December 5, 2020

ORLAND PARK, IL – Back in January of 2015, a then-30-year-old woman named Cara Labus was charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of two female victims aged between 14 and 16-years-old. 

And after having pleaded guilty to lesser charges in her case, Labus won’t even have to register as a sex offender, reportedly. 


Labus was a teacher and basketball coach at Jerling Junior High School in Orland Park when she met her two victims, and engaged in the abuse of the two girls from December 2008 through February 2011.

At the time of being charged, Labus was no longer at Jerling Junior High as she’d started working at Hufford Junior High School back in 2010.

When Joliet Public Schools District 86 were notified of Labus’ charges back in 2015, a spokesperson noted she was relieved of her employment at the school: 

“The District was served with a Condition of Bail notice for one of our teachers at Hufford Junior High School late this afternoon. One bail condition provides that the teacher is not to have ‘contact with anyone under the age of 18 without supervision.‘ Based on this information, the teacher will not be permitted to be at school indefinitely.”

Shortly after being arrested, Labus managed to secure her bail and has been out on bond for over five years under electronic home monitoring – with the case finally getting resolved on December 3rd of 2020. 


The four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse were heavily downgraded to a plea deal for mere aggravated battery. Labus sentence won’t even have her spend a day in jail, as she was sentenced to 24 months probation. 

Aside from zero jail time, Labus also will not have to register as a sex offender. The assistant state’s attorney said that the plea deal was arranged because Labus had no criminal background prior to the years of abuse. 

Circuit Judge Kerry M. Kennedy agreed to the plea deal, but also admonished Labus during the December 3rd hearing as well: 

“You are a predator. You definitely took advantage of these two young ladies. [They were] 14 years old and suffering from the loss of their father and you just took advantage of it.”

“You’re on my probation now, and I’m sure [attorney] Ms. Moore explained to you how seriously I take my probation. You do not want to be back in front of me on a violation.”

The two victims, now both adults, delivered victim impact statements during the hearing as well. The first victim stated before the court: 

“She is not only a manipulative liar, mental, physical and emotional abuser, but she is a child sex offender, a pedophile.”

The victim also spoke about how she’d dealt with depression, substance abuse and anorexia while in high school in college after the years of abuse: 

“I have a hard time trusting people, and I have felt suicidal during the hardest times. A teacher and a coach is supposed to protect kids, not abuse them.”

As for the second victim, she stated in court how she felt betrayed by Labus as the woman preyed upon them during their most vulnerable time following their father’s death: 

“I actually thought you cared and wanted to help our family move forward during that difficult time. But I know now you were only there to target your next victims.”

“You are a sick sociopath who has no real or true emotions and feelings. I do not know how many victims there are, but one thing I do know is that you did not silence me. I will do everything in my power to protect any little boys and little girls from you. You destroyed my childhood.”


The mother of the two victims believed that Labus should’ve received a far harsher sentence than merely probation: 

“I think a life sentence…I think a death sentence is what she should get. My husband just committed suicide … I thought she was a teacher helping me. She manipulated the girls and drew them apart from me at the time we needed each other.

She destroyed their lives and I’m just so proud of my girls for being strong.”


Dominick Dolci, who represented the victims during this case, was at least pleased that Labus was forced to admit to her years of abuse while in court: 

“She admitted to the conduct rather than just a stipulation…she admitted in open court, on the record, that that’s the conduct she engaged in. And for my clients, that was as important as anything else.”

Dolci said that after this case getting throttled for years, the victims are glad that they can finally put this nightmare to rest: 

“It had been so many years…my clients just really had a desire to get closure and put this behind them. And that’s what this plea agreement took care of…justice, delayed is justice denied.”

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