Demand for guns so huge that the FBI is overwhelmed and delayed on background checks (op-ed)

Apparently, gun sales have been shooting through the roof this year. So much so that even the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Checks System, commonly abbreviated as NICS, has been getting a little bogged down.

Reuters recently reported the following on the increase:

“A surge in people buying guns since the coronavirus pandemic began has flooded the FBI’s background check system, causing a spike in the number of delayed checks and allowing gun sales to proceed without them, FBI data disclosed.”

According to reports, there’s been a 54% increase in NICS being delayed over three days between the months of March and July of this year, when examining the numbers from 2019.

To get a good understanding of the gravity of this increase, keep in mind that a NICS report is intended to take a matter of minutes. Now, there are cases – obviously – where the report might not take mere minutes.

So, those reviewing NICS data are afforded three days to locate and information that would bar someone from purchasing a firearm.

However, if no determination is made on the NICS report within that three-day period, then the gun sale is allowed to go through.

From the period of March to July of 2019, the FBI conducted 3.03 million NICS background checks. Flash forward to 2020 during that same time period – and the number of background check requests have increased by 93%.

Strangely enough, the Reuters article pointed out to the obvious reasons why lots of people – with many being first time buyers – are looking to exercise their Second Amendment right:

“U.S. gun sales have soared this year, sparked by fears of social unrest because of the pandemic, violence seen on the streets of American cities during protests for racial justice, and the turbulence over the presidential election.”

Who would’ve thought that concerns pertaining to government-induced economic destabilization, riots and the possibility that those left-of-center might explode violently if President Trump gets elected again would result in people buying guns.

The government in various cities basically left people unemployed in various industries by calling their work “unessential” – which then produces manufactured poverty. And those in poverty typically don’t like being impoverished and can resort to committing crimes…like thefts and burglaries.

And how could somebody blame people wanting to buy a gun when they’ve seen literal towns on fire and police precincts attacked by rioters? Police have often served as the comfort for those who figured they never needed a gun – and police are now being flagrantly attacked all over the country.

Even former Vice reporter/journalist and self-admitted liberal Tim Pool has been among those to get a gun. Heck, after Sig Sauer heard about Pool looking for his first gun – they gifted him a SIGM400.

Oh, and don’t forget the impending election in November.

If you think people aren’t worried about the fallout of a 2016 repeat, then you’re mistaken.

And journalists have even delved into some foreshadowing of sorts in the event that Donald Trump nabs the 2020 election.

Here’s a previous examination of an article that forebode what might transpire in the event that President Trump retains his office.


A rather intriguing op-ed has come from The Atlantic, also known as the outlet that published the widely debunked hit piece on President Donald Trump regarding comments about WWI soldiers who died.

But this op-ed written by Shadi Hamid was aptly titled, “The Democrats May Not Be Able to Concede,” which is in reference to the 2020 elections.

And frankly, the ideas presented by Hamid aren’t only eerie – but some also come off as a warning of sorts.

Among the opening lines of the op-ed, Hamid examined many of the plights associated with 2020, such as the pandemic and economic caveats. But then Hamid pivots to what he’s really worried about in 2020:

“As someone who has argued against catastrophism—I don’t believe Donald Trump is a fascist or a dictator in the making, and I don’t believe America is a failed state—I find myself truly worried about only one scenario: that Trump will win reelection and Democrats and others on the left will be unwilling, even unable, to accept the result.”

Now, many may be thinking that Hamid is concerned that there would be riots in the streets akin to what cities like Portland have been dealing with for months. And, if that was your guess to Hamid’s worries, you’d be right:

“A loss by Joe Biden under these circumstances is the worst case not because Trump will destroy America (he can’t), but because it is the outcome most likely to undermine faith in democracy, resulting in more of the social unrest and street battles that cities including Portland, Oregon, and Seattle have seen in recent months.”

However, this is where the op-ed by Hamid makes a rather odd turn. In his piece, he suggests that if Republicans desire a return to a degree of normalcy, then they had better vote for Joe Biden:

“For this reason, strictly law-and-order Republicans who have responded in dismay to scenes of rioting and looting have an interest in Biden winning—even if they could never bring themselves to vote for him.”

It’s a sentiment almost reminiscent of the period of the High Middle Ages when the Catholic Church would subject the Cathars to torture in an effort to get them to pledge allegiance to Catholicism even if they neither believed it nor truly wanted it.

And that is an expressed sentiment that is rather troubling.

Hamid’s article continued from there, proclaiming that the election of President Trump in 2016 was a “fluke,” but a 2020 election with the same outcome “would provoke mass disillusion” when it pertains to the electoral college.

From there, Hamid claimed that Democracy is a tool devised to “correct after mistakes” are made during elections – alleging that President Trump was some sort of mistake:

“If Democrats can’t beat a candidate as unpopular as Trump during a devastating pandemic and a massive economic contraction, then are they even capable of winning presidential elections anymore? Democracy, after all, is supposed to self-correct after mistakes, particularly mistakes as egregious as electing Donald Trump.”

But Democracy was never devised to “correct” mistakes per se – rather, it was crafted to serve as a tool to create a voice for the representative majority. However, there’s a reason that there’s no true form of democracy in the United States (considering that we’re a Constitutional Republic).

The reason the nation isn’t a true Democracy is because a fine example of a Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who will be eaten for dinner.

The article by Hamid continued in more of a downward spiral from thereon, alleging that somehow people who voted for President Trump in 2016 “betrayed” liberals:

“Liberals had enough trouble accepting the results of the 2016 election. In some sense, they never really came to terms with it. The past four years have witnessed the continuous urge to explain away the inexplicable, to find solace in the fact that the voters betrayed them.”

But in reality – people who cast their votes in any sort of election are typically looking out for their personal interests.

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It’s a rather callous characterization to refer to someone voting for President Trump as a vicious betrayal of those who hold liberal ideologies – when that same rhetoric could be levied by President Trump’s supporters against those voting for Biden or who voted for Clinton in 2016.

But what was really exhausting when reviewing this op-ed by Hamid, was when it devolved into Russiagate territory and insulting President Trump supporters as being naïve or uneducated:

“It was easier to think that those Americans had been lackeys, manipulated and deceived, or that they simply hadn’t understood what was best for them. Moreover, the Russians had interfered, and tipped the balance in an extremely close election through propaganda, fake news, and collusion with the Trump campaign.”

It’s rather condescending to have one unfamiliar adult pose to another adult of full competence allege that “you don’t know what is good for you,” which is what Hamid purported when saying “they simply hadn’t understood what was best for them.”

Not only is that insulting rhetoric – it’s also dangerous when examining everything that Hamid crafted in this op-ed.

First, he alleges a second victory for President Trump will leave liberals unable to “accept the result” – essentially a threat.

Then he says Republicans should “have an interest in Biden winning,” even if they don’t want to vote for him – the compromise to avoid the threat.

Hamid then points to a 2020 win for President Trump as being a mistake, when mentioning “Democracy, after all, is supposed to self-correct after mistakes” – meaning you were never supposed to vote for Trump in the first place.

He then implies that those with a Republican mindset are in fact indebted to those that hold opposing liberal views because, in 2016, Republican “voters betrayed them” – which means you didn’t fall in line in 2016, but you had better fall in line now.

And the icing on the cake from Hamid was when he alleged people voted for Trump in 2016 only because they were either “lackeys” (basically tools or minions), “deceived” (you know, easily fooled), or they just don’t know what’s good for them (like a 5-year-old with an affinity for cake choosing their every meal).

Basically, Hamid (and those like him) not only loathe your ideals – they believe you’re uneducated and shouldn’t be allowed to exist in a world where your principles reside and are respected.  


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