Lancaster Shooting Proves Media Crafted Narrative

The newest city being roiled by rioting is Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where a man with a knife was shot by police.

Any police shooting is automatically a cause for riots, because the Black Lives Matter movement no longer makes distinctions. If someone they believe fits their narrative is shot, the circumstances no longer matter. As we saw in Minneapolis just a few weeks ago, even false reports of a police shooting now start riots because once the word goes out, nothing can stop the tidal wave that follows.

So the case of the shooting of Ricardo Munoz, the narrative got set early. Riot now, get details later.

But notice that the media is busy covering this as a “protest.” It is not a protest when objects are thrown at police officers.

At the station house, protesters “damaged a county vehicle parked in the front of the police station,” police said in a Monday morning press release.”

“Bricks were thrown through the front of the police station and into the post office window,” police said. People also “threw water bottles, glass bottles, rocks, bricks, gallon jugs of liquids and parts of plastic road barricades at Officers.”

Crowds gathered on an access ramp to the police station, on West Chestnut Street, and in an adjacent park, where police ultimately released pepper spray after the protesters were given warnings to disperse before the gas was deployed, the department said.”

But because the media is complicit in trying to reset the narrative, the riot is deemed a “protest.”

The entire above thread is full of examples of how the press has tried to spin this story. Most, if not all, of the news reports referred to Ricardo Munoz as a black man – which was then deleted by the AP in their updated story. One of the Twitter mob called Munoz “reportedly autistic,” a claim which cannot be currently substantiated by any of the reports. Munoz’s criminal history indicates mental illness, as he was awaiting trial for the apparently random stabbing of FOUR people last year.

Once the police released the bodycam footage, it was pretty apparent that this was not going to fit the narrative.

But that didn’t matter, the mob would not be satiated. They came to riot, so they were going to RIOT.

But this knee-jerk reaction to every single police-involved shooting now has Forbes concerned. No, not about the safety of Lancaster, or about how the narrative got so wrong. No, it’s all about how will this hurt JOE BIDEN in swing-state Pennsylvania!

And even Forbes stealth-edited their headline from “riot” to “protest” almost immediately. The narrative must be preserved!

The citizen journalists on the ground who are live tweeting these riots are putting the lie to the narrative, and the mainstream media news outlets are desperately trying to cover it up. But the genie left the bottle a long time ago. It only takes a simple rumor or allegation of a police shooting, the mob comes ready to be assembled like an IKEA chair out of the box. And like the IKEA chair, there might be some screws loose or missing. Having lost control of the mob, the media is now trying to deny that it was a mob at all. And as these flash riots continue moving into smaller towns (Lancaster is smaller in population than Kenosha), the more the average American knows that the match that starts the next riot can be lit where they live.

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