Virginia Residents OVERWHELMINGLY Respond to Governor Seeking to Strip their Second Amendment Right!

Virginia residents have responded
overwhelmingly to Democratic Ralph Northam’s all-out assault on the right to
bear arms by declaring many counties to have Second Amendment Sanctuary status.

After far-left Democrats secured
enough seats to control the Virginia legislature on November 5, 2019, Governor
Northam reacted by announcing his plan to wage a war on guns.

One a pro-gun-rights group compared
Virginia Democrats’ plan to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Philip Van Cleave, the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League quoted
Japanese admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto who said after the attack, “I fear that all
we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible

Van Cleave said, “That’s exactly what shoving gun control down our throats will do,

Van Cleave went onto write to
say, “Northam has
declared war on Virginia’s gun owners.”

Rural Virginians have responded to
Northam’s heavy-handed approach with a sense of urgency by declaring their
counties 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in a last ditched effort to stop state
officials proposed anti-gun laws.

Part of the urgency is due to
the fact Democrat lawmakers see little chance for retribution for
supporting stricter gun control. Other states have shown
that pro-gun-rights groups have been overpowered after stricter
gun policies were passed in the wake of mass shootings.

According to the Giffords Law
Center, 26 state legislatures and Washington, D.C. passed 67 new gun control
laws last year that are aimed at restricting gun access.

Some bills proposed by Governor Northam
that were defeated last year when Republicans controlled Virginia’s
legislature are:

Banning “dangerous” weapons and
is “assault weapons”, high-capacity magazines, silencers, and bump stocks.

Mandated background checks on
all gun sales and transactions
: This includes anyone who rents, traded,
sells, or transfers a firearm. Currently in Virginia, sales between
two citizens — at a gun show or elsewhere — are exempt.

Allowing so-called Red Flag
laws (Extreme Risk Protection Orders)
: The new VA bill would allow the courts
and law enforcement to temporarily take someone’s firearms
should they be deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Making it illegal to
“recklessly” leave loaded, unsecured firearms around children under 18: 
Redefines children as 18 rather
than 14. Such laws would raise the punishment from a Class 3 misdemeanor to a
Class 6 felony.

Limiting handgun sales to one a
: Purchasing more
than one handgun in 30 days would bring up to a 12-month jail sentence and
a maximum fine of $2,500. Anyone who wants to buy more than one gun
in a month would have to apply for it through the State Police and undergo an
enhanced background check.

Bill Dixon, an avid hunter and gun
owner from Pungo, said reaction from the gun-owning community will be “loud”.
He said, “There is going to be a big backlash. Specifically,
what that is going to be, I can’t tell you.

For now, 22 Virginia counties
aren’t waiting for the hammer to fall having already declared themselves to be Second
Amendment Sanctuaries and a safe haven for those with a legal
concealed weapon permit. Many more are in the process of discussing
similar laws.

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