The Week in Radical Leftism, 12/6/2019

Welcome back everybody! Hopefully you’ve recovered from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday! And of course, nothing ever gets our Lefty pals from taking their eye off the ball & dishing out the crazy:

11/26 – Video : Woman Who Tried to Ruin Man for Wearing MAGA Hat Gets Fired

It’s always good to see a happy story around the holidays!

11/28 – Why Do Democrats Hate Jesus?

Simply, because it involves worshipping someone other than themselves

11/29 – There Is No Truth Nor Fiction – Just Narratives

One would think that Hollywood would eventually learn from their mistakes. You would be wrong.

11/30 – Legend

Short and to the point. Brilliant post!

12/1 – Who Was It That Called Journalists “Useful Idiots”

I like how the media have finally stopped trying to hide how much they truly hate us.

12/2 – Gibson’s Bakery alleges Cleveland media collaborating with Oberlin College to unseal store clerk’s Facebook records

I like how the media have finally stopped trying to hide how much they truly hate us.

12/3 – A Divisive, Historically Dubious Curriculum

I like how the media have finally stopped trying to hide how much they truly hate us.

12/4 – Journalists Against Free Speech

I like how the media have finally stopped trying to hide how much they truly hate us. If it seems like I’m being lazy by typing the same comment repeatedly, this is part of the category of “bigger posts I’ve been working on and will hopefully publish soon”

12/5 – We Are All George Zimmerman Now

Sadly, stories like this about the Leftist Hate Machine get buried and forgotten. Until it happens to one of us.

12/6 – Why the elites really hate Trump

The elite pretend to be compassionate, but they hated people in fly-over country for years before the people in fly-over country finally started to hate them back. The elite believe themselves to be brilliant, but they turned world production over to a brutal regime in China, creating not only a ruthless superpower, but also an unsustainable world economy where we keep printing and borrowing money to buy goods from the Chinese plantation factories. The elite believe themselves to be honest, but they cannot see their own corruption, or the corruption of their elite friends, and they cannot see the reasonableness of asking for that corruption to be investigated, as in the case of Hunter Biden.

No archives, another busy week. Have a great weekend!

And let me know in the comments if you get the excellent movie reference in the header image!

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