The National Battle Over Local Gun Control

Gun control has become a pivotal
issue for the upcoming 2020 general election. MSNBC hosted a ten person panel and
asked them how important the issue of gun control was for them when choosing
who to vote for next year. Nearly every person raised their hand. When
questioned all of them said that if a candidate talks about gun buy backs and
confiscating guns they would not vote for that candidate. Not what MSNBC wanted
to hear, undoubtedly.

While likely voters are focused on
national efforts to erode Second Amendment rights, local units have emerged as
the real legal battleground. The battle is pressed by billionaire Democrat and
notorious anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg with his Everytown for Gun Safety

Bloomberg, the former mayor of New
York City and the newest candidate to enter the 2020 race for the White House, wants
draconian NYC laws enacted in local governments across the nation. They intend
to erode the Second Amendment one city at a time under the auspices of “every
town for gun safety.”

After all, no one opposes gun
safety. But, gun safety, in the eyes of Bloomberg and his anti-gun henchmen,
means making it impossible for anyone to own, possess or use a firearm – even
in self-defense.

Bloomberg and his ilk are chipping
away at Second Amendment rights by attacking them in cities like Pittsburgh.
There, Everytown for Gun Safety vows to defend the city in any lawsuits arising
from its recently overturned ordinances making it virtually impossible to own
or use an “assault weapon” — even at a local gun range – within city limits.
The local law is much more restrictive than state law, and rightfully was
overturned by a state court earlier this year.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania, like 43
other states, has a preemptive gun law on the books that makes it impossible
for local units to enact far more restrictive measures. Anti-gunners blame the
NRA for passage of such laws. They say it amounts to a special interest
dictating policy to local units.

In reality, the NRA is comprised of
and financially supported by gun owners and likely voters. Everytown for Gun
Safety almost solely is funded by anti-gunner billionaire Michael Bloomberg and
absolutely reflects his singular notion of “gun safety.” Agree with Bloomberg,
and you have endless funding to attack the Second Amendment at the local level.
Disagree, and he and his kind declare you a tool of the NRA and going against
local control of firearms.

Therein lies the true battleground
– local control of firearms. Anti-gunners, like Bloomberg and Everytown for Gun
Safety want local units to make it virtually impossible to own, possess or use
firearms. Pittsburgh’s recently overturned ban on “assault weapons” is a prime
example. The NRA wants law-abiding gun owners to be able to transport their
arms and use them as intended for target practice, self-defense, preservation
of life and sporting pursuits. So do the vast majority of state legislatures
across the land.

The Second Amendment firmly protects gun owners against overly restrictive local, state and federal laws. Yet, many localities that oppose gun ownership – or at least ownership of particular firearms, use highly restrictive laws to undermine the Second Amendment. Fortunately, 44 states have preemptive gun laws on the books. That means local units cannot enact laws that greatly restrict gun ownership rights more than statewide laws.

Anti-gunners blame the NRA for the vast majority of states enacting laws designed to protect the Second Amendment and gun owners. They say the NRA erodes local control by promoting preemption laws to protect the Second Amendment and gun owners. Those same anti-gunners are lining their pockets with political dollars from a singular source – Democrat and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his $52 billion fortune.

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