The Best and Weirdest Halloween Costumes of 2019

What will you be for Halloween this year? Maybe a witch, or maybe an avocado? Here are the best, weird costumes for 2019.


Yes, avocado toast is in and people think that a diet of avocados would make you the most healthy person on the face of the planet. Bur for Halloween, an avocado costume is weird. Let’s be honest. However, in 2019, I think that avocados can be good at any time and for sure at any meal, but I also think that it’s the weirdest, but also most relevant costume for Halloween 2019.


You know, like the app, but for Halloween, more like an actual Insta-Grandma. You could do this as a “grandpa” too, all you need is the Instagram symbol on the front of your short. Then grab a grandma bun, some glasses, a skirt or a suit coat, depending on your sex, and then call yourself that. Insta-gram or Insta-grandpa, and your costume is complete.


Anything that you put on and it inflates, it’s the weirdest costume. Is that what you’re going for, the weirdest costume of 2019. Because if you are, anything inflatable is the best choice. Otherwise, if you want a fun, sexy, timely, obvious, dramatic or otherwise costume, then you should steer clear of anything that’s inflatable because inflatable is weird, and that’s that.

Candy Wrapper

All you need is some dreads, black sunglasses, a red solo cup, and a bunch of candy…? Yup, a bunch of candy wrappers to be exact. This costume is not only perfect, but easy and fun, too. Plus, who doesn’t have extra candy wrappers around Halloween time. I mean? And also, you could be a group of candy wrappers as costumes if you wanted to grab a bunch of friends for the holiday. 


If you want an idea for costumes, be a bear-ista. All you have to do is wear bear ears and you can act like you serve coffee or walk around with a Starbucks cup and call it a day. Otherwise, you could even carry around a gas station coffee cup if you wanted to, and that would make you a bear-ista for your perfect Halloween look.


Why, oh why,  would you want to be an eggplant for Halloween? No one even knows. But you could want to be the emoji or you could just really love eggplant. Then again, you could also want to be the penis emoji for Halloween, which, if you didn’t know, is the eggplant. No matter the reason, this is an easy, fun, and weird costume, and nothing is more perfect for this Halloween.

Sheets and Giggles

You know, like sh*ts and giggles, but more PG than that. So, wear sheets like you are going to be a ghost but then cut v-necks into them and write on them..things like LOL, hehe, haha, or other funny acronyms. Then you can go to Halloween, grab a friend, and you can call yourselves sh*ts and giggles.

Black-Eyed Pea

You know, like the bean? Easy enough, all you have to do is have a shirt or a sweatshirt that has a big ‘P’ on it and then draw big, black circles around your eyes, and boom, your “Black-Eyed Peas” for the holiday.

Cereal Killer

Now this is fun, weird, and totally 2019. All you have to do is wear a white tee, cover it in blood (read lipstick, blush, red paint, whatever it is as long as it looks like blood,) then wipe it or swipe it all over your shirt. And last but not least, you need to have a bunch of mini cereal boxes. Then you need to open them, eat them, and attach them to your shirt so that you can complete the look that you’re going for, which is, a “cereal” killer. 

No matter what you decide to be or dress as for Halloween, this list will surely inspire your ideas. Halloween is just about a week away, what will you be this year?

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