New York Times Calls for Plane Control on 9/11 Anniversary

The Left wants to gut this country. They want our infrastructure weak. They want working class people begging for crumbs on the streets. And if you look closely at every Democrat-run city across the country, what you see is a Democratic aristocracy watching the people fall into homelessness, drug abuse, and crime from behind reinforced glass and bulletproof cars.

One must be deeply misinformed to avoid seeing them as sadistic, power grabbing, cultish, Iago-like hucksters who glory the misfortune of others while they lay blame and siphon off more resources on the heft of manufactured guilt.

Now, in yet another glaring example of how the Left wants America weaker, lower, slower, and smaller — the New York Times (the diary of the misinformed) has blamed airplanes for the harm done on September 11, 2001 — and they are calling for airplane control. That’s right, they don’t blame the Islamic radical killers. They blame the machines that the killers ostensibly used to destroy thousands of humans on that terrible day.

Of course, this is reminiscent of the rhetoric the Left uses in its fervor to take guns away from Americans. They blame the technology, showing immense contempt for adult, professional, and conscientious men and women who operate these technologies every single day. The NYT actually said that “airplanes took aim” at the towers. Are we supposed to believe that airplanes developed terminator-red eyes and used advanced sentient computer technology to strike three buildings and an open field in Somerset, Pennsylvania?

This is madness.

Here’s Ben Shapiro with more.

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