Anti-Gun Activists Don’t Want You to Know This: Constitutional Carry Law Leads Maine to Be Named ‘Safest in the Country’

When facts do not support your
argument, emotional appeals work best for turning opinions in your favor. That
is why anti-gunners are blaming firearms, rather than societal issues, for
recent mass shootings and gun violence.

Terms like “weapons of war” and
“assault rifles” sound really scary and suggest the potential for widespread
carnage. Aside from someone who actually knows firearms, who wouldn’t
oppose that? Might be why a recent study showed about 60 percent of those
polled said they are fearful of being in a mass shooting.

With ignorance and scare
tactics driving many people’s opinions of firearms these days, they should find
solace in Maine’s 2015 Constitutional Carry law. That law enables Maine
residents of legal age to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

Anti-gunners used the typical
scare tactics to oppose the law while it was debated. They said public safety
and children’s safety would suffer, and criminals would roam the streets armed
to the teeth. None of that happened.

Instead, US News and World
Report’s public safety rankings places Maine as the safest in the United
States. Coming in second is Vermont, and New Hampshire in third. The
fifth-safest is Idaho. Those states also have constitutional carry laws in
US News and World Report based on its findings on crime data, which
affirm the common sense of constitutional carry laws.

Many other of the top-ranking
states on US News and World Report’s safest states list have shall-issue CCW
laws in place. About the only anomaly is New Jersey, which ranks as the
fourth-safest state and does not have shall-issue concealed weapons permits or
constitutional carry laws in effect.

New Jersey only has about 1,000
active CCW permits. That shows it is virtually impossible to legally carry
concealed in New Jersey, which is what many would prefer at the national level.

Anti-gunners, on the eve of a
potentially pivotal election, are pressing hard with the scare tactics. They
prey upon the general ignorance of firearms among a growing number of those who
have no real experience.

Anti-gunners portray gun owners
as white supremacists. The San Francisco City Council recently voted to name
the NRA a “domestic terrorism organization” to prevent anyone supporting or
doing business with the NRA from doing business with city-run entities.

Constitutional carry shows that
is not the case. Shall-issue CCW laws do, too. Many of the states deemed safest
have shall-issue CCW laws in place, in addition to those with constitutional
carry. About the only anomaly is New Jersey. States with high rates of gun
ownership and that fully support law-abiding residents carrying openly or
concealed without a permit are among the nation’s safest.

Evidence of the sanity of
arming law-abiding citizens, rather than stripping them of their arms, would
seem overwhelming. Were the subject “climate change” instead of constitutional
carry, such reports would be used to affirm the safety of firearms. It also
would affirm people who take the time to learn and use firearms are more likely
to be the kind of people you want as your friends and neighbors.

Firearms promoting public
safety, though, does not fit the political narrative anti-gunners are pushing.
They single out the NRA as a “domestic terrorism organization,” when it simply
is advocating for number two on the Bill of Rights. For Anti-gunners, the NRA
epitomizes gun owners in general, and they don’t want anyone thinking nice
things about gun owners.

Labeling gun owners as mentally
deranged racists just moments away from committing a mass shooting is what
anti-gunners want people thinking heading into the 2020 election cycle. They
use equally scary tactics to make you think man royally has screwed up the
climate, any strong storm is the worst ever to occur, and plastic straws are
about to destroy the world. Emotional appeals make compliant lemmings of
ignorant people.

Fortunately, reality, though,
is far, far different, and constitutional carry affirms law-abiding gun owners
are beneficial to society. They are your friends, neighbors, and respected
members of local communities across the nation. Yet, exercising your
constitutional right to bear arms has become a political divisive issue charged
by raw emotion.

While mass shootings are
occurring at an alarming rate, they mostly are not happening where the local
population embraces the Second Amendment and firearms in general.

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