The Left Smears Second Amendment Supporters with White Supremacy Claims to Scare Minorities into Voting Democrat

If you own a firearm,
particularly an AK-47 or an AR-15, liberals now say you very well may be a
hate-filled white supremacist. In the era of identity politics, nothing works
better than placing an entire group under an umbrella.

That umbrella is the notion
that hate-filled white males are gunning down black- and brown-skinned people
due to racial motivations. Give me a break.

In a very few cases, they are
right. Dylann Roof, for example, tried to start a race war in South Carolina.
It didn’t work, wouldn’t work, and, frankly, couldn’t work.

Liberals love to focus on the
outliers, the criminals like Roof and ignore the stats that show the overwhelming
majority of the nation’s gun owners are law-abiding citizens. That is
especially true of CCW holders, who very well may be the most law-abiding
citizens on the planet. Crime rates among CCW holders are incredibly low at
about 0.02 percent.

Statistics show the vast majority
of CCW are white males under the age of 65 – the same demographic now targeted
as purveyors of hate. Yet, we have politicians now telling us white
supremacists are the primary sources of mass shootings and the biggest security
threat in this nation.  

Former President Barack Obama
was first to declare white males out in the backwoods are the true “domestic
terrorists” and threats to our way of life.

More recently, Democrats vying
for that party’s presidential nomination in the upcoming Iowa Caucus are claiming
hordes of white supremacist males are roaming city streets looking for black
and brown people to pick off.

South Bend, IN Mayor Pete
Buttigieg has declared a “national emergency” due to the availability of
firearms and the potential for them to “fall into the wrong hands.” Those
“wrong hands,” he says, are white supremacist males.

Echoing that sentiment, former
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro – a former Obama cabinet secretary and 2020
hopeful – told Iowans we need to “disarm hate” by combating white nationalism.
“White nationalism” is liberal double-speak for Pres. Donald Trump and the voters
who support him.

They hate Pres. Trump’s “Make
America Great Again” slogan, because it is has been so effective. So, they
claim the President and his supporters want a return to the Jim Crow South – a
time when white men biasedly ruled the nation, while women and people of color
were lucky to be deemed second-class citizens.

At least, that is what anti-gun
Democrats and liberals in general want us to believe about Pres. Trump and his
political supporters.

Anti-gun liberals and Democrats
say the recent mass-shooting in El Paso, Texas, underscores the threat of white
supremacists. There, a young white male gunned down a few Hispanic shoppers in
addition to bunch of white people in a Walmart store.

He had posted a hate-filled
white-supremacist manifesto shortly before committing the horrific act.
Democrats blame the President for correctly pointing out problems with border
enforcement and say he is fanning the flames of hatred. Yet, Democrats clearly
are invoking race and stoking flames of hatred.

With a wide-open field of
mostly weak candidates, Democrats know unseating the President during the 2020
election is harder than they present to media and the general public. So, they
are using the basest, most offensive form of identity politics at their
disposal and declaring gun owners and supporters of the President to be
hate-filled white supremacists and white nationalists who are so afraid of
losing power they’re willing to kill others who don’t look like them. It’s

They even have their own
jack-booted thugs out in force attacking those whose political views differ
from theirs. They are called Antifa, and they absolutely are the true fascists
and a threat to our republic. A great example is the most recent mass-shooter
in Dayton, Ohio. That attack occurred 13 hours after the El Paso murders, and
was committed by a far-left supporter of Sen Elizabeth Warren.

The extremely deranged young
white male who committed that horrific act wrote in his manifesto that he hates
capitalism, loves socialism, and is a strong advocate for increased gun
control. He proved it by targeting innocent people in a gun-free zone.

At least the Walmart in El Paso
allowed customers to carry firearms. The Warren-supporter targeted innocent,
unarmed people in a Dayton bar. You can bet one of his intentions is to push
public opinion more toward disarming law-abiding citizens via knee-jerk

The notion that mass shooters
are white supremacists and supporters of Pres. Trump has no basis in reality or
fact. Liberals say most mass shooters in the United States are young white
males. That helps them to push the false white supremacist narrative.

They do all this just to get votes
and to keep themselves in power. It’s shameful at best and dangerous at worst.
These politicians must be voted out as soon as possible. Your vote is the only
thing keeping this country sane.

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