Joe Biden is Wrong: Banning Assault Weapons Does Not Work!

Joe Biden made another one of his
infamous gaffs in an op-ed for the Washington Times titled “Banning Assault
Weapons Works” when he wrote, “That’s why, as president, I will push to ban
them again.”

The error here was both a tactical
and factual one. His factual error is that the former senator and vice
president was wrong when he first pushed for banning “assault” weapons in 1994
and is wrong now.

National Review’s headline said it
best in its response to Biden’s claim, “Joe Biden Is Wrong. There Is No Compelling
Evidence That Assault-Weapon Bans Work.”

Presidential candidate Biden wrote
in the Times article, “Many police departments have reported an increase
in criminals using assault weapons since 2004. And multiple analyses of the
data around mass shootings provide evidence that, from 1994 to 2004, the years
when assault weapons and high-capacity magazines were banned, there were fewer
mass shootings — fewer deaths, fewer families needlessly destroyed.”

The current push to ban AR15s and
other so-called “assault weapons” is based on several unintentional and
blatantly dishonest assertions.

When then-Senator Biden handed
former President Bill Clinton an assault weapons ban in 1994, here is what that
bill accomplished:

  • New
    sales of semi-automatic guns that had certain combinations of “tactical”
    cosmetic features, including pistol grips and folding stocks were banned.
  • The
    sale of “high-capacity” magazines (over ten rounds) were banned.
  • When
    the ban expired in 2004, the verdict of the great majority of experts was the
    bill had little effect on overall homicides.

The glaring problem with the law
Biden voted for 25 years ago and promises to reestablish if elected President
is the law targeted mass shootings and those make up the tiniest fraction of
overall homicides.

By definition “assault weapon”
features have no effect on a gun’s lethality. A small percentage of murders are
committed using long guns of any kind even less with “assault weapons” in

Limiting magazines to 10 rounds is
even less effective. Smaller magazines require a shooter to reload more
frequently but it takes under two seconds to eject one magazine and pop in a
replacement. YouTube is filled with amateur shooters pulling off that feat with

Robert VerBruggen of National
Review reports the push to ban these weapons depends on studies that ignore
three important facts:

Mass shootings have “historically
been incredibly rare”. Entire years have passed during study periods without
one such incident.

High-profile incidents like those
in El Paso and Dayton are contagious inspiring copycats and competitors.

Mass shootings are “incredibly
variable in the number of fatalities, from a low bound of wherever the
researcher … sets it … all the way up to 58 at Las Vegas.”

The tactical error Biden makes here
may be less obvious to him but very obvious to knowledgeable supporters of
Second Amendment rights.

During an interview in CNN, Biden
told Anderson Cooper, “The second amendment doesn’t say you can’t restrict the
kinds of weapons people own. You can’t buy a bazooka or a flamethrower.”

When asked if a “Biden
administration means they will come for my guns” he quickly responded, “Bingo.
You’re right if you have an assault weapon.”

Biden was quick to cover that
assertion by telling Cooper he had no intention to confiscate previously owned
assault weapons though he would support a national buyback program to get
“assault” weapons off the streets.

He further clarified by saying,
“That’s not walking into their home, walking through their door and going
through the gun cabinets, etc. Right now, there is no legal way to deny them
the right if they legally purchased them, but we can in fact make a major
effort to get them off the street and out of the possession of people.”

We agree with Biden that is
“unacceptable that children learn to fear mass shooters alongside their ABCs.”
It is also unacceptable to make disingenuous assertions that Democrats have no
intention of confiscating weapons.

The tactical error is to think,
conservatives don’t see the endgame is to remove guns from law-abiding

Kimberley A. Strassel writing of
the Wall Street Journal observed, “Democrats insist there’s no more urgent job
than ensuring Donald Trump is a one-term president. Which is odd, given how
hard they are simultaneously working to alienate the voters they most need to
make that happen.”

Half-way gun control proposals
never achieve their objectives and Joe Biden knows that. His tactical error is
thinking gun-owning America doesn’t see his real objective.

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