It’s OK to Get Mad at Trump, But Don’t Pretend There’s Another Choice in 2020

Many of us felt the need to vent last week when Senate
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell proudly declared that he and President Trump
were seriously looking at a gun ban. Fortunately, that’s off the table now –
because of Trump, not McConnell.

Try not to let your frustration with our President get the
better of you. It’s always best to wait two or three days after he says
something, to see how he’s going to act. And it’s okay
to get mad at Trump from time to time, but let’s not kid ourselves. There’s no
other choice in 2020.

all his missteps, would you trade President Trump for any of the assorted
goofballs, socialists and radical activists running for the Democrat nomination
right now?

think so. Trump is literally standing alone in the Executive branch against the
tides of globalism, socialism, open borders, economic disaster, stock market
crashes, joblessness, endless war and an insane weather cult.

elected Republicans wither and fold into a puddle of apologies anytime the
mainstream media lyingly calls them a “racist” – which they’re going to do no
matter what. MSNBC did seven different news features comparing Trump to Adolph
Hitler – and that was just in July! He’s still standing strong against daily
smears, lies and conspiracy theories about Putin.

Despite previous differences within
his own party, Trump said, “Republicans are going to be great and lead the
charge along with the Democrats.” He told reporters he had already spoken to
Senator Mitch McConnell saying the Senate Majority Leader is totally onboard.”

Following the shootings in El Paso
and Dayton that left 31 people dead, the pressure to do something is mounting.
The debate with conservative rank is not whether something should be done but

The NRA has contributed millions to
several Republicans and President Trump and has been vocal in its opposition to
most new gun control proposals. However, the gun lobby’s chief executive, Wayne
LaPierre agrees that some federal gun control proposals “would make millions of
law-abiding Americans less safe and less able to defend themselves and their
loved ones.”

Trump and McConnell discussed
background checks and “red flag” laws last week as two of those options. The
Senator told Louisville’s WHAS-AM those items for sure will be front and center
as we see what we can come together on and pass.”

Many Democratic Presidential
hopefuls have made it plain they will support nothing short of a ban on most
weapons, but Trump has made it plain a ban on semi-automatic weapons like the
AR15 is not on the table.

The NRA and many leading
conservatives say there is no Congressional proposal under consideration that
would have prevented the shootings in Texas and Ohio.

On that point, we must agree.
President Trump called attention last week to the real issue in the most recent
gun violence – we need to keep guns out of the hands of those who are mentally

After the Parkland, FL shooting in
Feb. 2018, Trump tweeted, “So many signs that the Florida
shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic
behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always
report such instances to authorities, again and again.”

Democrats have called Trump
hypocritical because he eliminated a proposed Obama-era regulation that
supposedly would stop the mentally ill from legally obtaining firearms.

When Trump nixed that regulation,
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tweeted, “are you aware that one of the regulations you
got rid of made it more difficult for the mentally ill to get guns?”

Cuomo’s response was as the Daily
Wire reported, “a major distortion of reality” and “a cynical way of falsely
tying the evil actions of one man onto the president and Republican lawmakers
in the ultimate pursuit of gun control measures.

The proposed law in question would
have revoked the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of tens of thousands of Americans.
They would have denied their rights solely because they had received assistance
in managing their Social Security disability payments.

Even the ACLU recognized how unfair
this proposal was, yet Obama urged his party’s leadership to enact it.

Trump has shown in the past he is
not afraid to cut through the party politics on both sides and use the power of
the Oval Office to do what neither side can agree on.

Hopefully, Congress will see that
and send him a bill that makes sense without infringing on law abiding gun
owners rights.

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