Even the New York Times Can’t Ignore the Democratic Party’s Attack on the Bill of Rights

first Democratic Party debates left no doubt their goal is to demolish the Bill
of Rights. No longer relegated to individual voices or far leftists like Bernie
Sanders, the vocal and unified nature of the party’s attack on our basic
rights, has even been cautioned by no less than the radical leftist media
outlet the New York Times.

op-eds over the last couple of weeks at the Times warned against being so
upfront about doing away with our basic rights, but for a reason that may not
at first be obvious to the casual reader.

June 30, 2019’s op-ed expressed the paper’s concern for the mood and tone of
the two recent Democratic Party debates, saying, “Several of the candidate
hopefuls were falling all over themselves in their call for radical change for
the Nation—calling for no less than a Marxist Revolution. Their exuberance was
on clear display for all to see.”

millions of Americans saw, especially in the second debate, was nothing less
than a call for an end to the Bill of Rights.

was most troubling about this is that the fact that the Times did not see a
problem with the Democrat’s being hell-bent on dismantling the 1st, 2nd, and
5th Amendments, but rather that they have stopped attempting to hide their
agenda from voters.

are no longer hiding under the banner “but we’re not socialist.”

it isn’t just the newcomers who are projecting blatantly socialist policy
positions. While AOC, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may be getting a lot
of attention these days for the things they say, moderates in the party like
Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are also being more and more open about their true
socialist leanings.

the New York Times columnists are calling for restraint, that means they
understand what other Democrats do not: the great majority of Americans do not
want to see their Bill of Rights constrained or repealed.

like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell
fear the Bill of Rights because they are all too aware of what an armed
citizenry might do should there be an outright Marxist-Collectivist takeover of
the country.

no wonder Cuomo and his surrogates masterminded the New York Safe Act that
banned the very firearms that would most deter such a reign of tyranny. Another
New Times columnist, Brett Stephens has on two separate occasions used his
paper to call for lawmakers to “repeal the Second Amendment.”

need only listen to those first two debates to know the party is not your
father’s Democratic Party.

utter disdain for the Bill of Rights isn’t reserved just for the Second Amendment
either. In a speech at an Iowa community college, Hillary Clinton said,
“We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable
money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional

didn’t say at that time how she proposed to amend our right to free speech.
However, two years later 54 Senate Democrats voted for a new constitutional
amendment that would do just that.

that vote, Democratic Whip Dick Durbin said, “I expect a fully partisan vote”
and that is just what he got. Had the Democrats’ amendment been successfully
implemented, the First Amendment would have suffered a serious broadside.

Democrats voiced approval of S. J. Res. 19 in 2014, an official letter from
National Right to Life to the Democrat Party Senate leadership put everything

is strongly opposed to this sweeping attack on the protections that we
currently enjoy under the Bill of Rights … a vote in favor of the amendment
accurately described as a vote to empower incumbent federal and state lawmakers
to restrict and criminalize speech that is critical of their actions on crucial
public policy issues, including abortion.

Barack Obama, to Hillary Clinton, to their current freshman crop, Democrats
present themselves as the champions of American’s rights. They preach the
“right to affordable health care, a college education, and a livable

the same time, leading voices in the party agitate their base to restrict or
outright repeal existing Constitutional rights. It’s not just celebrity lefties
like Bill Maher calling for an end to the Second Amendment anymore.

Democrats, socialism has gone mainstream.

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