Manafort Tells Hannity In Text Exchange That He Would Have To “Make Sh*t Up” On Trump And Kushner For Mueller To Cut Him A Deal

(Gateway Pundit) – Over 50 pages of Paul Manafort-Sean Hannity text messages from 2017-2018 were placed on public record on Friday.

In the text exchanges between Trump’s former campaign manager and Fox News host Sean Hannity, Manafort complains about Mueller’s intimidation tactics and lack of “fight” from conservatives.

Shortly after Manafort’s home was raided in the summer of 2017, Manafort tells Hannity, “Mueller is trying to intimidate me. The raid is just one example,” Manafort said in an August 11, 2017 text. “I won’t let him succeed but it is very lonely fighting this fight. I feel all alone out there. Except for you and a few others, our side is not engaged,” Manafort continued.

Hannity responded to Manafort’s August 11 text message and rightfully pointed out how corrupt and biased Mueller’s special counsel team was.

Manafort also told Sean Hannity in a March 2018 text exchange that in order for him to be able to cut a deal with Mueller and Weissmann, he would have to “make sh*t up” on President Trump and Jared Kushner.

“Why don’t you get a sweetheart deal like [Rick] Gates?” Hannity asked Manafort referring to his business partner who cut a deal with the special counsel.

“They would want me to give up DT [Donald Trump] or family, esp JK [Jared Kushner],” Manafort replied.

“Understand. There is nothing to give up on DT. What did JK do?” Hannity asks Manafort.

“Nothing. Just like I did nothing. They will want me to make sh*t up on both,” Manafort said adding that he will never flip on Trump. “I will never do that.”

Manafort also disclosed to Sean Hannity that Mueller’s “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann tried to prevent him from spending Thanksgiving with his 3-month-old grandson by dragging out his bail resolution.

“I spent [Thanksgiving] with my family and my 3 month old grandson. aWeissmann made an issue of that too,” Manafort said in a November 28, 2017 text.

“Omg. What an a**hole,” replied Hannity.

This is what pure unchecked evil from the Deep State looks like — this is the same tactic Mueller’s team used on General Flynn, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi.

Mueller and his thug Weissmann hunted down Manafort and charged him with crimes that have NOTHING to do with Russian collusion during the 2016 election.

According to a new bombshell report by John Solomon, the “black cash ledger” which emerged in the Ukraine in the summer of 2016, was used to remove Manafort from Trump’s campaign and eventually used by the US government to prosecute Manafort — in fact, FBI agents mentioned this ledger in an affidavit supporting the July 2017 raid on Manafort’s home.

According to documents, the FBI used the “black cash ledger” as a reason to rehash a criminal case against Paul Manafort that was previously dropped in 2014 — the FBI needed search warrants in 2017 to look through his bank records to prove Manafort worked for a Russian-backed political party in the Ukraine.

The kicker? The FBI received several early warnings that the “black cash ledger” was likely a fake, yet they used it anyway. Mueller’s office was also warned that the document was a fraud, according to John Solomon.

In September, Manafort pleaded guilty to federal charges but in March, the crooked Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance announced an indictment charging Paul Manafort with 16 state felonies such as tax evasion and mortgage fraud.

Manafort was sentenced to 7 1/2 years for his federal charges and is pending separate charges from the state of New York.

Meanwhile, there have been ZERO indictments of Obama’s and Hillary’s criminal cohort who plotted a coup against Trump.

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