Why The Mueller Report Won’t Matter Much in 2020

The release of the Mueller Report has taken the 24 hour news cycle and turned it on its end. Every pundit on both sides is immersed in the discussion. But just how much does it really effect the 2020 Presidential campaign?

National political columnist Matt Bai says ‘Not Much.’

I enjoyed his piece. It scared me, and gave me hope all at the same time. It really depends on how the Democrats face their election the next year and a half.

Matt states: “Democrats won’t be chanting “Lock him up!” when they face off against Trump.” While I agree, in numbers, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I don’t believe that will be the deciding factor for most Democrat and Independent voters who could go either way. I think they will chose on more important issues.

Matt notes, that Elizabeth Warren, who undoubtedly has name recognition up there with Biden and Sanders, and yet hangs way behind in most polls, has made her campaign about fighting Trump.

It isn’t working for her.

I have to agree with him. I think, unparalleled in history, the bulk have made their mind up about Trump. Some love him and some hate him. Some don’t care too much for him, but love his accomplishments.

We will see! Matt’s piece

Washington is bracing today for the latest, long-awaited chapter in the two-year saga of Russian influence and the Trump campaign. The Mueller report, when at last it comes, may be so heavily redacted that it ends up leading to more intrigue than it puts to rest, along with a raft of lawsuits and subpoenas.

What the report won’t do, I’m betting, is have much impact, one way or the other, on the 2020 presidential campaign. Most Americans seem to have decided already whether they think Donald Trump is culpable in foreign subterfuge or the victim of what he calls a “witch hunt” (or maybe both), so nothing in Mueller’s report is likely to change the basic contours of a general election.

More surprising, though, is that lingering questions about Trump’s campaign, so front of mind for Democrats after the searing 2016 election, seem to have become almost an afterthought in the party’s unfolding contest to choose a nominee.

Last month, on the weekend after Robert Mueller submitted his report to the attorney general, I happened to be in New Hampshire, following the former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. I couldn’t help noticing that, while the report was almost the only thing playing on the news channels in my car, not a single Democratic voter asked about it.

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And this may get to why the Democratic field, at least in these very early months, is taking shape a little differently than we might have guessed.

A lot of us who chronicled the last several campaigns expected 2020 to play out like a more chaotic version of 2004, which was the last time Democrats ran to unseat an incumbent Republican. That was the year, you may recall, when fury erupted among a Democratic base that lost all tolerance for George W. Bush and his war in Iraq.

The immediate beneficiary then was Howard Dean, an unknown governor who gave voice — booming and gravelly — to liberal frustration. Dean didn’t win, ultimately, but his campaign awakened leading Democrats to the uprising in their own party, and they spent most of their time attacking Bush as loudly and venomously as they could.

And so maybe we expected the Democratic debate this year to focus mostly on Russia and impeachment, on Trump’s treatment of women, on the issues of personal identity that now seem to define our politics and cleave the country.

To this point, though, the Democratic campaign doesn’t feel much like 2004 — or even like a reverse image of 2012, when Republican candidates, eager to appease the so-called tea party rebellion in their own ranks, went on and on spinning out dark visions of Barack Obama’s socialist plan.

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