The Week in Radical Leftism, 03/08/2019

Welcome back everyone! To nobody’s surprise our Lefty friends are as crazy as ever. The tough part is curating it down to one story per day. But first we go into the wayback machine to a few weeks ago:

2/1 – New Jersey to require schools to teach LGBT history

Not new, but I had to include this when I saw the town mentioned in the article – WTF, Hackensack? Two weeks in a row of being insane enough to make this roundup?

2/22 – Feminists Screaming about ‘Transgenderism,’ Their Own Demon Child

While I absolutely hate what is happening, there is some grim satisfaction in watching The Radical Left being destroyed by their own insanity

2/28 – UPS stops delivering to no-go areas in Sweden

Obviously UPS’ executives must get all of their news form Faux News – everybody knows that there are such things as no-go zones!

3/1 – ‘My Once Beautiful Daughter’

A depressing look at some examples of the child abuse being promoted by the LGBQWERTY movement


Schultz is another overrated story regarding the 2020 election. Anyone remember how bitter the Dems were over Nader in 2000? Or their efforts to disenfranchise voters in subsequent elections by keeping Nader off of the ballots? That will be nothing compared to the hate campaign that awaits Schultz if he becomes a real threat to defeating The Radical Left’s biggest Emmanuel Goldstein to ever live.

3/3 – AOC Melts Down After Report Of Climahypocrisy

This is rare praise for Gulag Barbie coming from me – at least she responded. Most of her fellow hypocrites duck & dodge when they get called out on their hypocrisy.

3/4 – House Democrats’ H.R. 1 is the ballot harvester’s delight

National Democrats attempting to export their election fraud on a national level. This is one the if Republicans were smart they’s shine a bright spotlight on this. Which is my way of saying Republicans won’t.

3/5 – Exclusive – An Inside Look at the Blexit Rally in Virginia Ignored by Establishment Media

Black Virginians holding a rally in the state of Governor “Coonman” whose wife wishes she was back in the land of cotton being ignored by the media? Sorry Blexiteers, you’ll know you’ve achieved some success when you scare the Democrats enough for them to force Colbert to declare your movement run by Russian bots.

3/6 – Democrats Need Stupid Voters

If that title seems over the top, it’s based on a quote showing what the architect of Obamacare honestly thought about the voters who supported Obamacare.

3/7 – For this day I give you a double dose of National Review’s Jim Geraghty. This first is a good look at the Democrats’ anti-semitism problem. The second is a reminder that Biden running in 2020 might not as good for Democrats as many people (including me) think it is.

3/8 – Do Blame Me, I’m From Massachusetts

Interesting look at intolerance – stay with it to the end that sums up the Leftist mindset in a short paragraph

ICYMI – I finally weighed in by The Radical Left being triggered my MAGA hats with Your Mental Disorder Does not Make my Fashion Statement a Hate Crime.

I also gave my recap of CPAC 2019.

From the archives, we go back to related stories from my Economics for Politicians series, advising that It’s Time for Leftists to Get Real About Taxes. This is a simple argument showing why their plans for 70% tax rates won’t work. Don’t feel left out Conservatives, next week I’ll be posting the companion piece targeting our side!

Have a great weekend!

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