Schiff Greater Threat To Democracy Than Putin

One common thread throughout the Mueller witch hunt for Russian collusion is that the Democrats often accused the Republicans of what they themselves were doing, from leaking secret information to the press, and other unauthorized parties, to the crux of the matter¸ paying British agents and Russian sources to interfere in the 2016 election.

Democrats, as part of completing the fundamental transformation of America, were hoping for a twofer – put Hillary in the Oval Office and put Donald Trump in prison even if the agencies of the administration Hillary served had to manufacture some and Hillary paid for it.

Jail time or even impeachment for Trump did not happen as the only collusion during the 2016 presidential election with foreign actors was Team Hillary and the DNC colluding with Fusion GPS and British agent Christopher Steele to put together an incriminating, salacious and false “dossier” .

Plan B was to put the winner in jail in a political coup. The lack of actual evidence of Russian collusion was a real stumbling block. So too were the absence of any actual crime as a predicate for a special counsel investigation. Never mind, Trump’s associates, who had their own checkered past would be encourage to “sing” on decades-old infidelities and crimes, many more distasteful than illegal, If the feds couldn’t make Trump irrelevant again people like the good folks at the Southern District of New York would topple the big guy as well as a suspicion and innuendo filled series of implement hearings by many names in the House of Representatives.

Led by Rep. Adam Schiff, who once called the roof top heroes of Benghazi liars, the former Trump lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen hearings would be the culmination of renewed charges that the Trump was unfit for the presidency and that the GOP was obstructing justice for defending him.

But since convicted felon Cohen had told so many conflicting lies and had so many Democrats whispering in his ear, Schiff felt the need to become Cohen’s mentor and speech coach. Not since Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on an airport tarmac allegedly to discuss golf and grandkids in the middle of the Hillary shortly before Hillary was exonerated from her treasonous email crimes have we been asked to believe such a ridiculous explanation for a meeting:

President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen told House investigators this week that staff for Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., traveled to New York at least four times to meet with him for over 10 hours immediately before last month’s high-profile public testimony, according to two sources familiar with the matter — as Republicans question whether the meetings amounted to coaching a witness.

It has all the markings of witness tampering. Schiff asserted, “The extent of my contact was just inviting him to testify and also trying to allay his concerns about the president’s threats against him and his family … but our staff certainly sat down to interview him, and that’s what you do in any credible investigation.”

Ohio Rep. Mike Turner sent a letter to Cohen’s team on Wednesday demanding answers. Turner specifically asked for confirmation of Cohen’s contacts, if any, “with Democratic Members or Democratic staff of SSCI [Senate Select Committee on Intelligence], COR [House Committee on Oversight and Reform], or HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence] prior to his appearances before House and Senate committees last week” — as well as the lengths of such contacts, their locations and who exactly was involved.

Count Schiff among the many leakers who have released classified information and testimony designed to damage and slander the Trump administration. During the testimony of Donald Trump Jr. before the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Schiff repeatedly left the room. Coincidentally, of course, leaked information from that testimony began appearing in anti-Trump media even before the testimony concluded:

Donald Trump Jr. and his lawyer formally requested an investigation Tuesday into leaks from the House Intelligence Committee that followed Trump’s participation in a closed-door interview with committee members and staffers last week.

“The public release of confidential non-public information by Committee members continued unabated” for 24 hours after Trump’s supposedly confidential interview last week, Trump’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, wrote in a letter delivered Tuesday afternoon.

The four-page letter, addressed to Rep. K. Michael Conaway (R-Tex.), the panel chairman overseeing the Russia investigation, complains about public comments made by three members of the panel, all Democrats, including the highest-ranking minority member of the panel, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.). The letter says that members and staffers began “selectively leaking information” even before the closed-door meeting ended.

Schiff, it may be remembered, accused House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes of conspiracy with President Trump. He has stooped so low as to call the CIA contractors who held out against radical Islamic terrorists attacking our Benghazi compound liars who were just out to sell a book. He has defended Hillary Clinton and lied about her involvement in Uranium One and giving Russia 20 percent of our uranium reserves. Talk about collusion with Russia!

As Rob Wasinger of the Washington Examiner points out, Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own. The ski resort meeting between Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and the founder of Fusion GPS shows that the House Intelligence Committee chairman is the wrong person to trust with leading a serious, unbiased inquiry….

Schiff has kept up the pressure in Congress that’s led to endless investigative hearings and the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But he may have played a bigger role in all this than anyone realized. Last summer, as John Solomon noted recently, Schiff was spotted openly talking with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson in Aspen, Colorado. This, of course, leads to many new questions about Schiff’s affiliation and involvement with Fusion GPS. Was this the first time he met with Glenn Simpson? What is his past history with one of the more significant characters in the Russia-collusion hoax?

This would be a perfect line of inquiry for, say, a special counsel, investigating collusion between a political party in 2016 and America politicians. And criminal referrals and crimes involving Democrats are likely to be handled differently by Trump’s new attorney general.

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Author: Daniel John Sobieski

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