Rush Limbaugh Calls Out House Democrats on Candace Owens Treatment

It’s hard to debate the left, especially when they have power. No, not because they’re smart, deft with facts, or care about things that ought to be cared about — but because they use personal attacks, and because they hate decent people.

They will call you names, they will make threats of violence — and when they lose they will go behind your back and try to get you fired from your job up and set up laws designed to oppress you.

They are sick, mean, violent, and underhanded. The reason they are all these things is that they have to lie to themselves to believe basic untruths about the world. First, they have to tell themselves that it does no harm to forcibly redistribute wealth. Then, to maintain that self-deception, they have to demonize those from whom they would have wealth taken by force.

Then, in order to justify their whole scheme, they will appeal to degenerates, addicts, and neer-do-wells. They will promise to give them freebies. Of course, you are the one who will be paying for those freebies. So the leftist has to make you out to be a monster in assuage their guilt.

Well, Candace Owens did a marvelous job of arguing with a set of horribly empowered, ranking, left-wing hatchet men. She did it in front of the whole world, and the videos are going super viral — exposing her opponents as the kack-handed jackanapes that they are.

Here’s Rush Limbaugh with Turning Point USA with more.

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