Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said the one Thing That Could end Her Career

She likes to claim she is a poor girl from the Bronx.

And attacks Donald Trump at every turn, for any reason.

But you won’t believe where she really grew up, and what she really thinks of Trump and America.

Her comments will leave you furious!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (known affectionately in the media as AOC) is the darling of the political left.

That includes the so-called “journalists” and media personalities who fawn over her day in and day out despite their claims of “journalistic integrity.”

Not to mention the millennial socialist entitlement crowd who see AOC as their fearless, if somewhat feckless, leader.

But AOC’s biggest cheerleader may be Charlotte Alter, the National Correspondent for Time Magazine.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even graced the most recent cover of Time that included an accompanying fluff piece lovingly penned by Ms. Alter.

And on March 21, AOC’s biggest cheerleader started a firestorm on social media after a blatantly false and ridiculous attack on the United States.

Time Magazine’s National Correspondent tweeted this out:

Alter, who uses her position at Time to fawn over AOC and her millennial socialist platform faced an immediate backlash from outraged Americans.

And the outrage continued to grow as people from all walks of life attacked her clear lack of knowledge about both America, and the rest of the world.

She also offended people all over the world who are truly poor and underprivileged and proved again just how selfish, uneducated and entitled AOC and her cult-like followers are.

In one tweet Alter was able to prove just how out of touch the millennial socialist entitlement movement is, and offend everyone from Wall Street to Main Street.

So Alter tried to set the record straight.

These weren’t her words she explained, but were instead straight out of the mouth of AOC herself. In a follow-up tweet on March 24, Alter tweeted out this “explanation.”

So Alter, trying to set the record straight, actually showed yet again just how uneducated and anti-American AOC truly is.

Cortez clearly has no concept of prosperity let alone wealth, poverty and quality of life.

If she did, she would realize that growing up in middle-class America makes her richer than the vast majority of the world, and more prosperous than a majority of her own constituents.

But, AOC has long claimed she grew up as a poor child in a low-income community in the Bronx. The facts are, of course, that she grew up in the rich Westchester suburbs as the daughter of a well-to-do architect.

She then attended Boston University and served as an intern for Senator Ted Kennedy.

In other words, the Socialist, anti-establishment, poor child of a working class, blue-collar father in the Bronx is actually a part of the very rich northeastern liberal establishment she rails against.

And her claim she never saw American prosperity is a slap in the face to every single hard working American citizen, and further shows the truly anti-American fervor of AOC and her socialist millennial cult followers.

We will keep you posted on further developments and future AOC attacks on America.

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