New Zealand Shooter Faked Right Wing Beliefs to Promote Gun Control, But You Won’t Hear That from the Media

You have no doubt heard about the terrible tragedy in New Zealand. There’s not much to say about the massive loss of life. It hurts. We all hate it. It would be nice to come together and support each other in such a tough time.

Instead, we have leadership like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who have jumped on the tragedy as a chance to condemn prayer. She actually blamed prayer for failing to protect Muslims in the act of worshipping. That’s a new low even for her.

Mainstream media has been far worse. They have predictably tried to manipulate this situation to push a gun control agenda. So, instead of devoting our support to hurting people and finding human comfort in the face of tragedy, we have to spend our efforts on debunking another heap of media lies.

What You’ve Heard

As much as we’d all like to condemn this monster to anonymity, the mainstream media is determined to make him famous. They still don’t see why that’s a problem. So, we all get to hear his whole life story. The media will indirectly celebrate his motivations and actions. Since he published an 80-page manifesto before the shooting, we’ll get showered with what he had to say.

If you listen to the media, this shooter was a deranged white supremacist (the one thing they get right). They say he is on the far right and absolutely adores President Trump. He’s so enamored with the president of a foreign country (he’s Australian) that he tried to make President Trump’s hateful rhetoric into a reality. He wants to ethnically cleanse New Zealand because his xenophobia reached intolerable levels. In other words, they call him a run-of-the-mill Republican. That’s the narrative and they’re sticking to it.

The Manifesto

The mistake they made in pursuing this rhetoric is revealing the existence of his manifesto. It’s long, largely incoherent and a tribute to evil in this world. It’s not a good read. But, some of us make the sacrifice and read this garbage for the rest of you. You’re welcome.

After reading the manifesto, there are a few inescapable conclusions. First, this shooter is not right-wing at all. He says his favorite government in the world is communist China. He describes himself as an eco-fascist, and he spends pages condemning President Trump and American conservatism. He in no way supports any notion of a fair economy or general freedom, which are pretty important pillars in conservatism.

He also attempts to explain his motivation. It comes in two forms. The first is environmental. The shooter suggests that rapidly breeding, industrialized populations will inevitably win all trade wars. The only way to protect the environment from these populations is a culling.

That’s not run-of-the-mill Republican, but it is a pretty common notion among modern liberals. They may not advocate culling the population through shooting, but they push abortion and other forms of population control.

The shooter’s self-admitted second reason for the attack is the main driver. He wanted to create division among gun rights supports and gun grabbers. More specifically, he wanted to accelerate timelines where governments would increase gun control. Once again we see that’s not remotely right-wing or a Republican policy.

More to the point, he has so far been successful. New Zealand was not a bastion of gun rights in the first place, but they’ve already proposed major additions to their gun control laws.

What About Rhetoric?

You can already see that this shooter isn’t at all who the media claim he is. They also want to tell you that Republican rhetoric is why he killed people. They’re genuinely blaming President Trump for this attack.

Before we debunk the mainstream media’s narrative about President Trump, let’s make one thing clear. There was one person clearly responsible for this attack. Investigators might find that he had help, but actual collaborators aside, only one man pulled the trigger. The blame is entirely his.

If we want to go the route of blaming rhetoric, fault won’t fall at the feet of Republicans. Controlling and curbing populations to protect the environment is an entirely leftist ideology. So is using violence to push for more gun control. In general, everything the shooter mentioned in his manifesto is completely left-wing. Even white supremacism is a historically Democratic notion.

This should be a lesson in why blaming unrelated rhetoric for the actions of a mad man is a bad idea. Instead, the left and mainstream media will stick their heads further in the sand, continue to ignore all reality and try to dominate our lives through governmental control.

That stubbornness only adds to the tragedy that took place. Learning something from loss of life doesn’t take the pain away, but it can be something positive to cling to in the face of horror. Instead, the left will heap more horror on top.

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