Trump Is About To Do One Thing To Destroy Nancy Pelosi’s Life

President Trump is working overtime to cement his agenda into law.

And on the other side of the aisle, Nancy Pelosi is working just as hard to stop him.

But Trump is about to do one thing to destroy Nancy Pelosi’s life.

Trump’s biggest campaign promise is to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

The border crisis truly is a national emergency and is something Trump is dead-set on stopping.

Building a wall should be a no-brainer to fix this major problem.

It is already proven to work, with Israel using one to stop a more dangerous crisis.

In the case of Israel, there are hostile invaders trying to destroy them, and a wall prevents them from being able to carry out violence.

So there is already proof that it works.

And there is also proof that the wall will save U.S. taxpayers money.

Illegal immigration costs taxpayers upwards of $200 billion a year.

Trump simply wants around $5 billion to secure the most vulnerable locations.

But Democrats are not going to budge and let him pay that small price for border security.

So President Trump is now declaring a national emergency to build the wall without them.

But while this is an idea that will solve the problem, it has a lot of opposition.

And it isn’t just Democrats standing against him.

There are 12 Republican Senators standing with the Democrats against Trump, voting to prevent his national emergency.

This is making things more difficult for Trump, but speaking to Breitbart News just before the vote, he makes it clear that whether they vote to prevent his national emergency or not, he will be ready to move forward.

“We have a vote coming up on this whole national emergency thing it’s an 80/20 issue in our favor, it’s border security, a wall, no crime versus open borders and nothing but crime,” Trump said. “Forty-seven Democrats will probably vote for the 20 percent issue, and with the Republicans, we have some that don’t vote for it. It’s hard to believe actually.”

Trump also makes it clear that if the Senate tries to block his national emergency, he will simply veto their bill.

“I’ll have to let you know, I mean we’ll have to see what happens, in any event, it’s going to be vetoed, ok?” Trump replied to a question about what will happen if the bill is passed.

This is President Trump getting back to his roots as a President.

He is standing firm and refusing to let the Democrats, and RINO Republicans get in the way of his America First agenda.

The American people continue to stand with Trump.

He is the only thing holding the Republican Party together, to begin with.

Prior to Trump’s campaign, the Republican Party was in a state of disarray with no real direction.

That is before Trump stepped in, and motivated the Party base with his America First message.

Do you support President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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