Gun Owner’s Social Media Posts to be Restricted if Florida Politician Gets His Wish

Evil never tires. No matter how much you might feel tired, beaten or weary, it’s important to remember that evil never tires. It will find corrupt hearts, and it will lead politicians to corruption and tyranny. You don’t need countless history lessons to know the truth of that.

Right now, in our own backyards, Democrats are working tirelessly to take our guns away. They’re doing it because they want absolute control over our lives. We all know it. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise should be pointed to this story.

Jason Pizzo

Too few people know this name. It’s only natural, seeing as how he is a state senator in Florida. Regardless, he might be the single biggest enemy of freedom in our country. Three years ago, he proposed laws that targeted people who posted pictures of guns on social media. Seriously.

The laws he suggested would have the people banned from the site, and, much worse, would justify a seizure of their firearms. When challenged on the laws, he responded, “If you post it [guns] on social media, that’s probable cause for us to come get the guns out of your house.” As you might imagine, this bill didn’t pass in Florida.

Well, he’s at it again. Before we get into the details of the new bill, it’s important to note the change of climate in Florida politics. After the Parkland shooting in South Florida, once sane Senator Marco Rubio gave up massive ground to the gun control junkies in his state. Now, they’re bolder than ever, and there is a much bigger risk of Florida ceding gun rights than there was a few years ago.

That’s why this new version of Pizzo’s bill is so dangerous. It takes the extreme measures of the last attempt and dials them up even higher. Part of the bill suggests that any minor posting a picture of anything that could be construed as a firearm is grounds for search and seizure.

Think about that for a minute. If a 17 year old posts a picture of an airsoft rifle, this bill would give police the right to invade the home, steal any weapons they find and potentially kill the residents if they resist or put up a fight.

That’s to say nothing of hunting pictures or parents teaching their kids how to safely handle firearms. This is easily one of the most aggressive gun control measures ever introduced in this country.

Legal Problems

This bill faces some pretty steep legal battles. It’s clearly a violation of the 2nd Amendment, but that hasn’t stopped state legislatures from infringing on rights before. This particular bill is also a violation of the 1st Amendment. It goes way past incitement and threats and outright utilizes targeted speech to punish citizens.

Fortunately, there is a long, complete legal history that stands against this bill. Even assuming it was reworded in a way to get past the 1st Amendment issues, it’s likely the Supreme Court would be willing to rule against such an extreme overreach. After all, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, unless you post a picture of it.”

Why it Matters

Here’s the thing. If this bill becomes law and is struck down by higher courts, the American people still lose. Florida is one of the most pro-gun 2nd Amendment havens left in the country. It also has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the country. Countless states and local governments are already violating the 2nd Amendment. Losing the ground we have in Florida is a big deal.

This is precisely why the left is investing so heavily in gun control in Florida. They know it’s an important battleground state. If they can prove that even Florida will entertain draconian gun laws that violate the Bill of Rights, they can ramp up their narrative pressure and try to convince the whole country that these kinds of measures are normal. That’s the end game.

If we allow the would-be tyrants in this country to gain ground, we’ll never get it back. Just think about what has been lost so far. Every “progressive” step forward has been permanent, and currently, we enjoy less freedom in our country than the generations that came before us.

It’s still the greatest place in the world, but if we keep ceding freedom, eventually we won’t have enough left to fight back. Allowing the government to forcefully enter our homes and seize our weapons over an Instagram picture or Facebook post or pro Second Amendment tweet is many bridges too far. We need these tyrants out of our government, now and forever.

The only way to win this war is to beat the Democrats at their own game. If Republicans canvassed and worked grassroots efforts half as hard as Democrats, we would never hear a story like this again. It’s no longer enough to pay membership dues and let the lawyers handle things. We have to motivate our communities to fight for their rights before it’s too late.

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