People around the country are looking at the Georgia Senate runoff between Democrat Raphael 'Slumlord' Warnock and Republican Hershel Walker.  Lots of people wondering what is going on.  Well, last night the Republican Party of Georgia gave an excellent example of what it means to be Republican in Georgia.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan appeared on Fake News CNN to share his opinion of Republican candidate Hershel Walker.  As Republican Duncan outlined during the interview, he stood in line for an hour, took a ballot at the polling location, and then decided he could just not vote for a Republican in Georgia, so he turned around and walked back out without voting.

Republican Geoff Duncan had no issue pushing this on Fake News CNN much to the smiles of the Fake News CNN producers, Democrats and the 'Slumlord' Warnock campaign.  This is what it means to be a Republican in Georgia.  WATCH (01:08 prompted 30 seconds)

The 2022 goal of the Republican Party of Georgia is in alignment with the 2022 Republican National Committee. The goal of Mr. Duncan and others is to remove the populist movement within the Republican National Committee by destroying the Make America Great Again grassroots movement.

Was Duncan censured? Number Was Duncan criticized by fellow Republicans? Again, no. Was Duncan ostracized for promoting an election position against the interests of the Republican Party? Yet again, no. Did Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel rebuke the effort to undermine Walker as carried out by Republican Geoff Duncan? Rhetorical at this point, I know.

In the bigger or big pictures, Republican Lt Governor Geoff Duncan is doing what professional Republicans do. He also knows there’s nothing to fear from it because he is operating on behalf of the majority Club interests who support his plan. However, somehow this will be President Trump’s fault.

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